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BC Best Fly Patterns Index

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BC’s Best Fly Patterns & Tying Guide

Following is an indexed list of some of British Columbia’s best fly patterns! These BC fly patterns have proven successful on many of our Kamloops area BC Interior lakes, rivers & streams. Some are time proven standard fly patterns, others are tweaked variations of standard fly patterns and a few are original design fly patterns developed, tested & proven by some of our very own BC Flyguys!

If tying is not your thing and you would rather have us custom tie some of BC’s best fly patterns for you, please contact us with the details.  And we are always adding so please check back often! 🙂

BC’s Best Fly Patterns | Chironomids

BC’s Best Fly Patterns | Leeches

BC’s Best Fly Patterns | Shrimp/Scuds

BC’s Best Fly Patterns | Caddis/Sedges

BC’s Best Fly Patterns | Mayfly

BC’s Best Fly Patterns | Damselfly

BC’s Best Fly Patterns | Dragonfly

BC’s Best Fly Patterns | Boatman/Back Swimmers

……. patterns coming soon!

BC’s Best Fly Patterns | Steamers

BC’s Best Fly Patterns |Classic Attractors

BC’s Best Fly Patterns |Series

*** For more information on fly patterns for specific insects, as well as for tips on how to successfully fish them, please visit the aquatic entomology sections of our website. Specific sections include …….

fly fishing chironomids | fly fishing leeches | fly fishing caddis | fly fishing mayfly | fly fishing damselfly | fly fishing dragonfly | fly fishing shrimp | fly fishing water boatman | fly fishing chaoborus

*** We would really like to see your favourite fly patterns as well so if you would like to share please email us with pictures of your fly, tying instructions, and a bit of information on how and when you fish it.

*** If tying is not your thing and you would rather have us custom tie some of BC’s best fly patterns for you, please Contact us with the details  😉

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