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Kissing Chironomid Fly

Kissing Chironomid Fly Pattern

Kissing Chironomid Fly Pattern

Kissing Chironomid Fly Pattern …

After having my eyes opened fishing chironomids in 35 feet at Roche lake Kamloops a few years ago, and hearing stories of going 60-70 feet at Sheridan lake, I started thinking of how to add more weight to chironomids without bulking them up.

The Kissing Chironomid fly pattern is the result and, I might add, it came about independently from Rob’s double scoop chironomid. 😉

The upside down thing may seem a bit weird at first, but the Kissing Chironomid fly is designed to fish off the lake bottom, where chironomid pupae are staging with the herd before ascending to the surface.  With all the false starts, and/or fish cruising through the mass stirring things up, chironomid, pupae in every configuration, are not as unusual as we may think.

Here’s the material list and tying instruction video …….

Kissing Chironomid Fly | Materials List:

  • HOOK: Fulling Mill 35060 Czech Nymph Barbless Size 10
  • BEADS: Togen Cool Bead Tungsten Green Magic 3/32
  • THREAD: Veevus 8/0 Black
  • GILL: Togen Super Flash UV Pearl
  • BODY: Polish Quill Green
  • RIB: Flashabou Extra Limp 6916 Gunmetal
  • WINGPAD: Flat Copper Tinsel
  • OVERCOAT : Clear Cure Goo Hydros

Kissing Chironomid Fly | Tying Instruction Video:

Feel free to mix and match your favorite materials and colours and give the Kissing Chironomid fly a go! 😀

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About Gord

Fly fishing the great white north! I mainly fish the lakes, rivers and streams of North Eastern B.C. for Rainbows, Lakers, Brookies, Bulltrout and Grayling.
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2 Responses to Kissing Chironomid Fly

  1. coho chaser says:

    Kissing Chironimid, Awesome pattern Gord, couple of questions for you…. How does it produce compared to a weighted single fly in deep water? I like the idea and had some great success up in the Kamloops area last week in deep water 30+ feet with regular weighed flies.. just curious if you have had better or worse success with the kissing chironimid?

    Thanks Gord

  2. deesee says:

    Fantastic Pattern,
    Love the creativity. Far more “romantic” than the double header. One other way that I have weighted chironomids without lots of bulk is to use wire for the main body material – especially for chromies. I use the metallic grey wire (looks a lot like the steel-blue flashabou. Tie in a normal length of red wire (or whatever rib colour you desire), with a 6 inch length of the metallic grey. Wrap the grey with touching wraps from butt to bead. Then counter wind the rib, as you would for any other chironomid, and coat the fly with Clear Cure Goo Hydros. Great shine (but a bit knocked back from the “slap in the face” shine of the steel-blue flashabou). Nice and thin, and when used with a tungsten bead, reaches the zone in seconds. Nothing revolutionary, but certainly puts it in the zone quickly.


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