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MOBY Kamloops Trophy Fly Fishing Nets

MOBY Kamloops Trophy Fly Fishing Nets

MOBY Kamloops & Kamloops Trophy’s includes …

MOBY Kamloops Trophy Rubber Mesh Netting Options

  • Maple/Cherry Hardwood Construction
  • UV Protective Finish
  • 10X20 Hoop /48″ Length (Kamloops)
  • 14X23 Hoop / 53″ Length (Trophy)
  • Soft, High Quality “Fish Safe” Netting
  • Built in Inch Ruler
  • FREE Personalization .. a great gift idea ?
  • and, a personal guarantee from the owner of MOBY Nets himself!

… the flyguys version of the perfect BC interior lakes fly fishing nets!

MOBY Kamloops: $169.99
MOBY Kamloops with Rubber Mesh: $199.99

MOBY Kamloops Trophy: $189.99
MOBY Kamloops Trophy with Rubber Mesh: $219.99

*prices are “ALL IN” except shipping

Order Your MOBY Kamloops Trophy Now!

… Once your order form has been submitted you will receive an email invoice confirming the details, including total price with shipping. If you have any questions please reply to that email or contact us here 🙂

… for even more MOBY Kamloops Trophy info you can check out our review here: https://flyguys.net/product-reviews/moby-kamloops-fishing-net

Personalized MOBY BRD’s & Rod Savers …

If you are ordering a MOBY Net please order your MOBY Accessories through the order form (above) to enjoy FREE shipping! 😉 

If not, please order your MOBY Accessories below …….

Do the right thing and help free those cooped up hops with a personalized MOBY Beer Recovery Device (AKA bottle opener 😉 )! And protect your valuable fly rods from sliding off of your vehicle during setup/launching with your very own personalized MOBY Rod Saver! Both MOBY accessories are available in light and/or dark woods and include free personalization!” Shipping is a flat $12.00 no matter how many accessories you order! 🙂

MOBY BRDs & Rod Savers: $22.00 each (All In except shipping)

Accessory :
Color :

==> please personalize my MOBY accessories as follows <==

Don’t like paypal === >> order via email! <<

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