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Aquatic Entomology

Aquatic Entomology

Entomology:   the branch of zoology dealing with the scientific study of insects, including their taxonomy, morphology, physiology, and ecology.

Aquatic Entomology: ditto … but with respect to water dwelling insects.

Aquatic Entomology & Fly Fishing

Trout are primarily insect eaters, and therefore the study of insects in the aquatic realm (aquatic entomology) should be of primary concern to fly fishers.  The following pages include in depth discussions on the main aquatic insects of interest to the Kamloops Rainbow Trout residing in the still waters of beautiful British Columbia’s Interior lakes.

Specifically, the Aquatic Entomology pages to follow will discuss the Chironomid, Chaoborus, Caddisfly (Sedge), Mayfly, Damselfly, Dragonfly, Shrimp (Scud), Water Boatman (Back Swimmer), and, although debatable as an insect, the Leech.

The following pages will shorten your learning curve on the subject but your real learning will occur during your time spent on the water observing and experiencing the insects and their relationship with the trout. The next time you are out one one of the many BC stillwaters look for, and perhaps take some samples of, these insects. Take some time out of your fly fishing day to notice them, and just as importantly, how these insects relate to, interact with, and are part of the life cycle of the Rainbow trout that you are attempting to fool.

These pages, along with your focused experiences,  will also greatly help you as a fly tier. Over time you will notice your flies become much more realistic, both in appearance and motion. They will not only begin to resemble the local aquatic species you are trying to imitate, but you will also start moving your imitation as they move naturally … both attributes that will improve your fly fishing!

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