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8 Responses to Disclaimer

  1. doug-braun says:

    Thank you. Just moved here to bc and looking forward to the fly fishing environment. Have flying equip. and now trying to learn how to ty flies. Lead on.

  2. Avatar photo Drawn to Scale says:

    Have been trying to contribute to ice off 2018, no luck posting text or pics

  3. Avatar photo Drawn to Scale says:

    But it looks like I can post to this thread. I just keep getting the spam message over there.

  4. glenn-evans says:

    just moved to barriere area looking forward to ice off and fishing reports for this area thanks

  5. Gary says:

    Not able to purchase a net.
    Says I need JavaScript and cookies enabled.
    JavaScript is enabled.
    Is there another way to order?
    Can’t find any contact info.

    Thanks Gary

  6. bobbyv says:

    Made a donation to the cancer fund for eligibility into the 2021 ice off report.
    Not able to open that page. See a password box in that screen. My password login for flyguys sight does not work in it.
    Any suggestions.?

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