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Free Solunar Tables | Best Fishing Times

Free Solunar Tables | Best Fishing Times

… Use these free Solunar Tables to know the best fishing times of your favourite lakes & streams before leaving home! 😀

This is a free solunar tables application from SolunarForecast.com. It is relatively easy to use and has proven it’s self very accurate.
Although the paid version offers more features, these free solunar tables comes with:

  • Minor and Major Feed Periods
  • Best Fishing days (star ratings)
  • Moon Phases (percentages)
  • Moon Rise/Set Times
  • Sun Rise/Set Times

… all coordinated with the longitude & latitude of your personal fishing locations!

This table is optimized for the best fly fishing lakes in the British Columbia Kamloops area of the BC Interior (AKA Rainbow trout central  😉 )!

These free solunar tables uses Greenich Time (UK). Results are converted to your specific time zone by calculating your time difference from the GT baseline time. If you are fishing the interior of British Columbia (and why wouldn’t you be) you will be -7 during daylight savings time and -8 for the rest of the year. The program uses Google Maps for locating your approximate longitude and latitude position and then calculates the best fishing times in your local time.

The Solunar Theory was originally developed in the 1930’s by John Alden Knight, an avid outdoorsman and sports writer. After years of observations in the field, Knight determined that fish and game are most active during certain times of each day that vary depending on the position of the moon and the sun. Fish and game activity peak each day when the moon is overhead and underfoot. These Major Periods last approximately 2-3 hours. Minor Periods occur roughly half way between the major periods when the moon passes the horizon and last about half as long as the major periods.

“Other conditions not being unfavorable, fish will feed, animals will move about, birds will sing and fly from place to place, in fact, all living things will become more active, more alive, during Solunar periods than at other times of apparent equal value. Those anglers who have had the breadth of vision to follow the schedule, have found that it is a guide to the best fishing of each day, and the quality of their sport has improved…” from John Alden Knight in Moon Up, Moon Down.

The intensity of the Major and Minor feed periods also varies with the phase of the moon. Strongest activity occurs during a Full Moon or New Moon when the moon and sun’s gravitational forces are the strongest. Weakest activity results when the sun and moon are 90 degrees from each other, which occurs at a ¼ moon and ¾ moon.

Hunters and fishermen have relied on these predictions for decades. Recently, improved lunar data and GPS technology have allowed the Solunar Theory to generate hunting and fishing times with much greater precision. Technological advances such as websites and mobile device applications have brought the solunar tables into the 21st century and made their use a routine part of the modern outdoorsman’s arsenal.

So what are you waiting for? Download the free solunar tables for your region today & know the best fishing times of your favourite lakes and streams before leaving home!

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