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Olive Shuttlecock Emerger Fly

Olive Shuttlecock Emerger Fly Pattern Mayfly | Chironomid | Caddis Groundhog day doesn’t hold much weight up here in the North East corner of B.C. We really don’t care if some Eastern, flea ridden, rodent comes out of its den, … Continue reading

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Clear Goo Caddis Pupa Fly Pattern

Clear Goo Caddis Pupa | Sedge Fly Pattern I’d recently seen an article about Clear Goo and its uses so I ordered in the light kit with thick, thin and Hydros Goo. My intention was to use it to tie … Continue reading

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The Arizona Mini Hopper!

July 1 stream fishing time. Still working (27 shifts down 11 to go) Can’t fish but I can still tie. I’m preparing for a twist-off trip up the Alaska Hyw. and into the East Slope Rockies. Been tying some big … Continue reading

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Mikulak Sedge | Traveler Sedge Fly Pattern

Mikulak Sedge |Traveler Sedge Fly Pattern Someone says caddis to me and I think of the various sizes and colours of the ones that come off in the Peace, Pine and Halfway rivers. But that’s only for a second or … Continue reading

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Alwin Holland Park Peace River Fly Fishing Report!

July 28, 2010: Steve and I headed out to fish the Fingers on the Peace River the other day but Hydro had other plans.  The river has been running very low the last month and silly us assumed it would … Continue reading

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Brian Chan Stillwater Caddis Pupa Fly Pattern

Brian Chan Stillwater Caddis Pupa Fly … The Stillwater Caddis Pupa is a great fly to utilize during early to mid-summer evenings on most of the best fly fishing lakes in the Kamloops area! Although this fly tying segment is dedicated to … Continue reading

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Roche Lake Kamloops Area Fishing Report

June 5, 2010: Ahh the BC Interior … a lake a day as long as you stay … and this day’s lake was Roche! For those that don’t know, Roche is one of the more popular lakes in the Kamloops area. It … Continue reading

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