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Roche Lake Kamloops Area Fishing Report

June 5, 2010:

Ahh the BC Interior … a lake a day as long as you stay … and this day’s lake was Roche!

For those that don’t know, Roche is one of the more popular lakes in the Kamloops area. It is located about 45 minutes south of Kamloops off of highway #5, sits at about 3800 feet and is famous for it’s large shoals, diverse insect population and large rainbow trout! More information on  Roche and it’s area lakes can be found here.


holy chironomid fishers batman!

The picture does not do it justice … in the many years that we have fished Roche lake we have never seen it as plugged up with boats anchored fishing chironomids than we did today! At one point we counted 52 boats anchored just in the section of the lake that we could see!!! 😯 Looks like the words out … damn those interweb fishing sites!!! 😉

Today’s weather was notably better than yesterday’s! Actually, come to think of it, with only one short hail storm it was probably the best weather day we’ve had while fishing yet this year (I’m not even kidding!)! And, with the better weather came better fishing and, although not “stellar” by any means, it was fairly steady action with feisty penasks to six pounds!


Krazy with a little Roche lake piggy

The fly of the day was … you guessed it … the chironomid pupa as we had most of our success long lining a KKK chromie below an indicator in Roches famous “monster bay”. And even though we did not fish them, it was nice to see both the mayfly and caddis make an appearance on the water later in the day!

Throat pump samples of the fish we tested revealed a mixed bag of chironomid pupae, chironomid larve (bloodworms) and shrimp. Although no mayfly nymphs or caddis pupae showed up in our samples they are starting to show up. It definitely won’t be long until the fish are on them so if you’re planning a trip to the area in the near future we’d highly recommend you tie some up and bring them along!

OK that’s it for now folks … please post any questions in the comments section or email us and we’ll try to get back to you ASAP … and stay tuned cause June has just begun!


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8 Responses to Roche Lake Kamloops Area Fishing Report

  1. David says:

    Did you guys try any of the lakes around Roche? Any recommendations for next week? Thanks guys – David

  2. Rob says:

    Hi David,

    I would think that Roche would still be good next week – especially if the wetherman is correct this time and things actually heat up over the coming weekend!

    Other than that I just got a report today that Campbell and Scuitto are fishing good and when I drove by Bleeker guys there said it was fishing good as well.

    If I get any reports on any of the other lakes in the area I’ll let you know.

  3. david says:

    Coming up tomorrow from Olympia. Any news or advice? Thanks guys!

  4. Rob says:

    At last report the chironomids are still coming off and the fish are still on them, although, they seem to be much more selective than they were. Try dull chromies and dark olives.

    Let us know how you make out and don’t forget your camera so you can send us some pictures! 🙂

    Good luck!

  5. david says:

    Any damsel action yet? Thanks guys – David

  6. Rob says:

    I have not pumped a fish with a damsel in it yet this year … nor have I seen much of an emergance at any lake at the Roche elevation. We’re heading out tomorrow so I’ll keep my eyes open and hopefully have a report when we get back.

  7. sean says:

    my older brother, cousin and myself were up in the Roche lake area last weekend. i would say that we are all fairly decent fishermen but perhaps dont do enough chironamid fishing. We fished hard at Roach Thurs evening, fished hard the next morning at Earnst and later that evening in John Frank. Many hours of fishing with very little results, and for all the other people fishing it’s fair to say it was slow for them as well. Still had a great time but wondering if the recent low presure weather systems are having an effect on the over all fishing. Thanks Fly Guys, and ps your site is awsome.

  8. Steve Dodd says:

    Fished Salmon on the weekend had good luck on damsels , algie thou.

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