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Shiney Hiney Caddis Pupa Fly Pattern

Shiney Hiney Caddis Pupa Fly

Here’s another Caddis Pupa for the lake box. It’s a variation of a variation of a variation of a Juan Ramirez fly. Juan is a famous guide out of Colorado and has designed a number of wonderful flies. His nickname is Hopper Juan and I encourage you to check out his MANY hopper patterns. I have a number of his creations in my river fly box. But this caddis fly morphed from another of his great patterns, the Kryptonite Caddis. It’s a fly tied for the rivers and stream caddis and is tied on a #16 for those smaller insects. It has an extended body made from 15 lb chartreuse Amnesia fishing line. You take a length of line and make a 14 pass overhand knot then lubricate it with soap and pull the two ends tight. It will form a cool little body about the size of a grain of rice. I tried to duplicate with some chartreuse fly line backing but the backing bound down on itself and wouldn’t work. I’m waiting on some Amnesia.

The start of the morphing was Juan adding 2 clear beads to the tag end of the body and melting the excess down to the bead, then covering with UV resin. He named this fly the Gas in the Ass Kryptonite Caddis. Along came his friend Tim Flagler, from Orvis, who was shown the fly and tied his version with the body on the hook not extended. He called it the Shiney Hiney Caddis pupa. Once again these were tied on size #16 hooks and were primarily for river fishing. Tim’s version has an all green body but when I tied some I could see the brown sticking through from the thread I got thinking of the large Traveler Sedges and decided to tie some larger versions of this fly with the distinctive green bars on the body. I tied on some #10 hooks but you could and should tie some on #8 and even #6 for the big boys found throughout B.C. The use of the CDC feather, which really traps air bubbles, give a very realistic look of an ascending pupa.

Shiney Hiney Caddis Pupa Fly Pattern | The Video …

That’s all folks!
Gord (flyguys Northern Division)

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