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10 Proven BC Still Water Fly Patterns

10 Proven BC Still Water Fly Patterns

10 Proven BC Still Water Fly Patterns

Earlier this year flyguys.net teamed up with Brandyn and BC Interior Fly Tying, and in an introductory production developed a video series showcasing 10 Proven BC Still Water Fly Patterns for the trophy trout lakes of the beautiful BC Interior. The series was well received so, in an effort to have it all available in one place, and to be able to index it on our Best BC Fly Patterns page, here it is!

A HUGE thank you to Brandyn and BC Interior Fly Tying for taking the time to produce and then willingly share the videos with the gang here at flyguys.net! Can’t wait to see what he comes up with next! 😉

OK Lets go, you can watch them all in order below and on through the next 4 pages OR pick your poison here -=>

GMC | Black & Red | Olive & Gold | Black & Silver Red Butt | Watery Olive | Yellow Booby | Two Tone Blob | Krystal Mayfly | Icy Damsel | Simple Scud

>>> Chironomids <<<

Throughout the open water season chironomids are the number one, and therefore the most important, food item in a trouts diet. And if you’ve spent anytime at all on our website, facebook pagetwitter feed, or youtube channel, you’ll know that we, accordingly, dedicate a ton of time to these little dipteras. It shouldn’t be surprising then that half of the 10 proven BC Interior Still Water Fly Patterns in this series are, in fact, chironomids. Some of them are common fare that we’re sure you’ve heard of, seen and probably even used yourself. A couple may surprise you and hopefully inspire you to not only try them but perhaps adapt them to better suit your needs. And on that note …….

– 10 Proven BC Still Water Fly Patterns –
The GMC (Gun Metal Chironomid)

What can we say about the chromie. It swept through the fly tying scene like a hurricane and has remained popular since its inception. Tied with a multitude of different body materials: mylar tinsel, holo tinsel, flashabou, frostbite, flat braid, krystal flash, to name just a few, everyone has their favourite, and all can work at any given time on any given day. The GMC (Gun Metal Chironomid) however, is one of our top producers. If silver chironomids are popping, whether dark, light, dull or shiny, the GMC just seems to work, making it an easy pick for the first in this series.

– 10 Proven BC Still Water Fly Patterns –
The Black & Red Ice Cream Cone

The Black & Red Ice Cream Cone Chironomid pupa fly is about as proven as a fly can get! It has literally been around for as long as chironomid flies have existed and I wouldn’t hesitate to wager that the very fist chronies were tied in this colour. Like the GMC, body materials are almost endless but in this proven pattern krystal flash is the material of choice. If this was the only chronie you fished you would rarely find yourself under gunned!

– 10 Proven BC Still Water Fly Patterns –
The Olive & Gold Chironomid Pupa

It took me a while to really start appreciating the green/brown tone chironomids but once I started using them it quickly became evident that they were a must have for the fly box. Not a season goes by where the Olive & Gold  doesn’t save the day, at least a few times. Originally tied, and certainly effective,  with a black thorax, the introduction of the Togens Cool Brown Magic bead has brought it to the next level.  Take the time to tie up some of these little beauties … you won’t be disappointed!

– 10 Proven BC Still Water Fly Patterns –
The Black N Silver Red Butt

As good as the all black chironomid is, the Red Butt is a hot spot feature that can some days make all the difference. So much so that it has honestly earned it’s place in the “proven” BC Interior Still Water Fly category. Definitely worth whipping up a few of these little puppies!

– 10 Proven BC Still Water Fly Patterns –
The Watery Olive Chironomid Pupa

Last but not least, as far as chironomids go in this 10 proven BC Interior Still Water Fly Patterns series, is the Watery Olive Chironomid Pupa Fly. The real neat characteristic about this fly pattern is it’s use of an opaque over body to represent the pupal shuck. The technique can be used over almost every colour but we have found it extremely effective over the watery olive.

Well that’s it for chironomids. For more information on everything chironomid, including life cycle, fishing techniques and even more specific fly patterns, please check out our fly fishing chironomids page. 😉

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