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flyguys.net Ice Off 2018 Fishing Reports

2018 Fishing Reports post Sponsored by …….

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And with the new year comes the new…….

… Official flyguys.net Northern British Columbia, BC Interior, Kamloops Area Lakes & Rivers Ice Off 2018 Fishing Reports post!

As before, please use the comments/reply section at the bottom of this post to share and discuss your 2018 fishing reports, ice off reports, and even (but hopefully not) winter kill reports. Where did you go (not mandatory)? What worked? What didn’t work? General or specific questions about a fly, a technique, or whatever … feel free to ask it here and we’ll try our best to get you an answer! Oh, and a picture is worth a thousand words so please feel free to include one if you can (just include image link in your comment πŸ˜‰ )!

Stay up to date by utilizing the subscribe options below the comments section to be notified of any followup comments & posts via e-mail … you don’t even have to comment to subscribe & your email will be kept private!

For those that would like to share a little more than just 2018 fishing reports we encourage you to submit your story (along with images/video links/etc) & we’ll write it up in a stand alone post for ya!

And continuing from last years debut …….

Historic (& Live for 2018) BC Interior Ice Off Chart

Keep providing ice off info in the comments below and we will update the 2018 column! Big thanks to Lando, Tom & Darryl! πŸ˜€

That’s it folks … tight lines & good times to all! πŸ˜€

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10 Responses to flyguys.net Ice Off 2018 Fishing Reports

  1. BCFlyguys BCFlyguys says:

    Hey folks the new 2018 BC Interior, Kamloops Area Lakes & Rivers Ice Off 2018 Fishing Reports post is here! Please subscribe and let the reporting begin! πŸ˜€

  2. Don Don says:

    Hi all, happy New Year, hope your all tying . Have a great year.

  3. BCFlyguys BCFlyguys says:

    I know we’re a ways away but just edited the ice off spread sheet with a 2018 column ready to update as data comes in. If anyone can fill in any blanks for past years pls post here or email bcflyguys@gmail.com and we will update the sheet accordingly.

    Happy New Year folks and may 2018 bring you a whole lot of fishing fun! πŸ˜€

  4. coastlogger says:

    I drove past Courtney lake near Merrit earlier this afternoon the parking lot was full cars lined up the highway looked like people ice fishing all over the lake .I thought that lake was no ice fishing ?? unless there is a recent change anyone know ??

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