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10 Proven BC Still Water Fly Patterns

>>> Boobies & Blobs <<<

The next two proven BC Interior Still Water Fly Patterns are fairly new to the scene. Boobies & Blobs, who woulda thunk it but there’s no denying they work, and therefore here to stay, and worthy of being features in this article! Originating as far back as the 1950’s, from what I can find on the search engines, today’s Booby flies follow the same basic tying principles – a pair of eyes made of some kind of plastic foam at the head of the hook, some chenille wound round the shank of the hook to form a body, and a big tuft of marabou to form a tail. The Blob, as effective as it is controversial,  is primarily an attractor pattern imitating nothing yet reliably inciting strikes from tight lipped bows. Either way it’s probably worth having a few of each in the fly box! 😉

– 10 Proven BC Still Water Fly Patterns –
The Booby Fly

The Boobie is named after … well, this is a family show so just take a look at it and I’m sure you’ll figure it out! 😀 Regardless of its name however, there is no denying its effectiveness. Tied in a multitude of colours, mostly bright and flashy, this one in yellow has proven itself worthy of a spot in this series.

– 10 Proven BC Still Water Fly Patterns –
The Two Tone Blob

And just when you though it couldn’t get any stranger than the Boobie … along came the Blob! The Two Tone Blob fly pattern is another relatively recent arrival to the BC Interior fly fishing scene that earned its proven reputation swiftly and decisively. Typically tied in bright colours this Two Tone Blob has been our best producer.

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