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Triple F Leech Fly Pattern

... the Triple F in micro wine!

The Triple F Leech Fly Pattern – Wine Micro

Triple F Leech Fly Pattern …

*** just updated with a step by step instructional video of the “Olive Red Head” version of this effective & durable fly pattern!

The Triple F  (Fat Furry Foker) was originally designed, hence its name, as a big searching pattern! It worked so well that when the “micro” leech fly fad hit, we tested a pared down version of the Triple F and found that it worked just fine in that category as well. The Triple F quickly proved to be a very versatile pattern for use through out the range of sizes needed for leeches. Tied on size 12 – 14 hooks they successfully work as micro leeches and hook sizes between 10 & 6 work well to imitate medium and full size swimming leeches. Tied on small hooks in light olives and pale yellows the Triple F also makes a decent damsel pattern – another testament to its versatility – but that’s a topic for another post. 😉

Our favourite colours for the Triple F are red, black, black/red and burgundy/wine. We have also had good success with olive green. Of course you can use any colours that you like so don’t be scared to experiment.

This post is a brief summary of how to tie the Triple F. For more information on how to fish them please check out our recent blog post on fishing the micro leech.

For durability, the Triple F is tied utilizing a wire dubbing brush made on our DIY Wire Dubbing Brush Maker.  Here’s a video showing you how we spin the brush (please forgive the cheezy audio lol)  🙂 …

OK, without further to do, here are the tying instructions for the Triple F leech in Micro/ Wine (our most popular style for static presentations):

Triple F Leech Fly | Material List:

Triple F Leech Fly

The Triple F Leech Fly Pattern in Black/Wine

  • Hook:
    Mustad 9671 size 12
  • Thread:
    Red 6/0
  • Bead:
    Metal Gold 1/8
  • Tail:
    Wine Marabou with red crystal flash accents
  • Body:
    Red/Wine Wire Dubbing Brush
  • Rib: Small Gold Wire
  •  Adhesive:Loc Tite Glue

Triple F Leech Fly | Tying Instructions:

  1. Start the fly by placing the metal bead on the hook. As you can see we are using a 1/8” gold bead for our micro version – don’t worry it is not too big.
  2. Next wind the tying thread to the bend of the hook and tie in moderate number of strands of burgundy/wine marabou fibers. The tail should be approximately the length of the hook shank. *the fly is intended to be thin so don’t go nuts on the amount of marabou used for the tail.
  3. To help reinforce the marabou tail and to add some flash we now tie in four strands of red crystal flash – two strands per side.
  4. Next, wind the tying thread up to the bead and tie in the wire dubbing brush and wire rib. Start behind the bead and continue to tie them both down the length of the shank to the hook bend.
  5. Return the tying thread back to the front of the hook stopping just behind the bead.
  6. Now wrap the wire dubbing brush forward and tie it off behind the bead. Try to create a thin, streamlined appearance to the body as you’re wrapping the brush forward.
  7. Next wrap the wire rib forward (in the opposite direction as the wire dubbing brush) and tie it off behind the bead as well.
  8. Finish off the fly with a whip finisher and then cement the head. OK almost done ……….
  9. Next, use your bodkin to pick some dubbing material out of the body from in between the wire ribs. Once you have enough dubbing picked out, use a Velcro brush to stoke the dubbing fibers towards the back of the fly.

And here’s a step video of the “Olive Red Head” version of the Triple F (with our apologies for the audio 😉 ) …….

Triple F Leech Fly | Tying Video:

That’s all there is to it folks …. get er done, hit the water and catch some fish!

*** if you’re interested in custom tied, time tested & proven effective BC Interior fly patterns, but would rather buy than tie, please Contact us for details!

*** for more effective BC stillwater fly fishing patterns be sure to check out all of flies on our BCs best fly patterns index page!

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