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Kamloops Area Lakes Early Spring Fishing & Ice Off Report

yeah baby!

Travis with a beauty early spring bow!

April 23, 2010:

Well it’s still April but it’s fishing like early May and with the chironomid hatches still warming up the micro leech has been doing a stellar job taking up the slack!

But before we get into the fishing, we are happy to report that all the Roche lake area lakes are now ice off as is Tunkwa, Leighton, Logan, Peterhope, Pass, Edith, Jocko, Heffley, Pinaus, Red and Pinantan! Chironomid hatches are starting to warm up but still seem limited to lakes under 3000 feet.

Roche Lake's Ice Off!

Roche Lake Ice Off! (April 23, 2010)

As for the fishing … well as mentioned, below the 3000 feet mark chironomids are the key, but over that elevation the micro leech under an indicator is still king and we have also had some success using caddis larva patterns fished dead slow just off the bottom. Others that we spoken to on the lakes that we have fished have also reported success with shrimp and damsels.

Nice Bow!

check out the colours on this gorgeous bow!

More specifically, Scuitto lake has been fishing well in the shallows where size 16/18 chironomids are emerging. Lots of fish in the 2 – 3 pound range with the biggest going almost 4 pounds! We don’t have a specific report for Campbell lake but we suspect it would be similar to Scuito lake.

Red lake has slowed down a bit compared to last week with anglers having trouble locating fish and no hatches as of yet. Anglers putting in the effort, however, are still catching a few fish with FAT brookies to about 3 pounds and the odd rainbow to 6 pounds!


JFM & Fat April Rainbow!

woo hoo!

UT’s Beauty April Rainbow!

What more can we say … pick a lake and get out there … if chironomids are coming off the water then fish them … if not then strap on a leech … or a shrimp … or a damsel … or any other meat and potato pattern and give it a go!  And when you catch a fish don’t forget to snap a few pictures and send them in along with your story!

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2 Responses to Kamloops Area Lakes Early Spring Fishing & Ice Off Report

  1. Bryan says:

    First off just like to say I love your blogs. Thanks for all the great information. Just wondering if you know whats going on in the Kane Valley. I heard that its just barely starting to thaw up there? Do you have any recent reports for that area?

    • Rob says:

      Hi Brian … glad you like the site! I wish we could help with some first hand information on the lakes in the Kane Valley but we have not received any reports from that area yet. A quick check with our BC Lakes On Google Earth link, however, shows those lakes to be around the 3600 foot level. I know it’s a different weather system but if we had to make an educated guess we’d say they are ice off or will be very shortly. If you go, or know someone that does, please leave us a report using the “submit your story” form in the right sidebar of the main blog page or email us with the report.


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