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Thompson River Kamloops Fishing Report

yeah baby!

Jared and his 8 pound Bull Trout!!!

April 17, 2010:

Took the 10 year old son Jared out fishing last Saturday on the South Thompson river. We had some mixed weather but decided to tough it out and give it our best shot. We started by trying a few different spoons, spinners,  jigs and flatfish from both the shore and boat. The kid was determined and he kept Dad busy!

With the morning almost gone Jared had hooked into 3 small white fish and we were both happy with the day so far. Then, at about 11AM, Jared hooked into a nice fish and after a good battle he lands this 8 pound Bull trout!!!

Good job son you out fished your dad once again. ha ha 🙂

To see more pictures of our day on the river visit our 2010 Gallery page!


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One Response to Thompson River Kamloops Fishing Report

  1. Rob says:

    WOW! Nice job Jared!!! I’ve know your Dad a long time and I don’t think he’s ever caught a fish that nice! Keep it up cause I’m really looking forward to seeing more of your fishing pictures and stories on the site!

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