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Black & Silver Red Butt Chironomid Fly

Irrisistable to fish!

Krazy’s Black & Sliver Red Butt Chironomid Fly Pattern

Black & Silver Red Butt Chironomid Fly

At the time of this writing the chironomid is, and will remain to be till at least mid June, our  “go to” fly for BIG Kamloops area lakes rainbow trout!

So far in our fly tying category we’ve described the KKK and Simple Thread Black & Red chironomid pupa fly patterns, both tied in “ice cream cone” style. This next fly, the simple but effective Black & Silver Red Butt chironomid pupa fly pattern, omits the white glass bead in favour of a black metal bead and white antron wool for the gill. As well, this fly includes a red hot spot tail section to represents the residual hemoglobin that many chironomid pupa display as a carry over from their previous life as a larva. Although slightly more complicated to tie than the previous patterns, the Black & Silver Red Butt Chironomid Pupa fly is nice to have in your arsenal for those days when the trout are being selective for that residual red butt look!

Like most of our chironomid pupa patterns we start with a Mustad signature series C49S or Togens Scud hook. The gills are made from white antron wool and the bead is a simple and inexpensive black metal. The body, including the red butt, is formed using black and red 8/0 tying thread. The rib can be small silver wire or silver tinsel. Top it off with some krazy glue and you’ve got another simple yet deadly and virtually indestructible chironomid pupa fly pattern that is guaranteed to catch fish when the chronies are hatching – and even sometimes when they’re not!

Black & Silver Red Butt Chironomid Fly | Tying Instructions:

  • Start the black tying thread behind the eye of the hook and tie in a short hunk of white antron wool extending out over and past the hook eye.
  • Tie off the black tying thread and slip the black metal bead up over the white antron wool until it sits nice and tight against the hook eye.
  • Trim the antron wool so that just enough to imitate the small white gill is showing atop of the black bead.
  • Start the red tying thread and wrap it evenly down to the hook bend – once there tie in your silver rib and return the red tying thread to just behind the bead where you can secure and remove it.
  • Switch back to the black tying thread and starting right behind the black bead wind it in touching loops half way town the hook shank – at the half way point switch to open non touching loops for another quarter of the way down and stop leaving the last quarter of the hook showing the previously formed red under body – wind the tying thread back to just behind the black bead.
  • Wind the silver rib forward in spaced turns and tie it off behind the bead.
  • OPTIONAL: Tie in a piece of bronze/red peacock herl and form a small thorax right behind the black bead.
  • Whip finish the fly right behind the black bead.
  • Coat entire body with krazy glue and let dry.

Black & Silver Red Butt Chironomid Fly | The Video:

Black & Silver Red Butt Chironomid Fly | Fishing it …

Fish the Black & Silver Red Butt Chironomid Pupa as you would any chironomid pupa pattern – still or very slow moving and “in the zone” and therefore the fishes view for as long as possible. You can long line it with a floater or use a full sink right below the boat for deeper water. Either way, if you find the right size and depth this chronie pupa fly pattern will perform when other patterns don’t!

That’s it … once again no fuss no muss …  no expensive body materials or tungsten beads … just another simple, durable and effective flyguys chironomid pupa fish catching machine. Give it a shot, as far as fly tying goes it really doesn’t get any easier than this.

*** if you’re interested in custom tied, time tested & proven effective BC Interior fly patterns, but would rather buy than tie, please Contact us for details!

*** for more effective BC stillwater fly fishing patterns be sure to check out all of flies on our BCs best fly patterns index page!

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  1. FlyRod says:

    Hey Rob let me know when your new ” Decal’s ” come in , what about one of those good looking Hat’s any available ? I love the Info . this site has it’s awesome . We have a high of 8 degree’s to day in

    Sherwood Park , AB . But as we all know it ain’t going to last  , but it does get the Bug for tying going .

                                                                                                                        Reporting from the Park ,

                                                                                                                         FlyRod .

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