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Mid May 2010 Kamloops Area Lakes Fishing Report

Pete & Adam with a chromer mid May Rainbow!

 May 17, 2010: 

Ok the weekend reports are in and here’s what we know: 

This past weekend, in general, has fished slower than the week leading into it, especially at the lakes between the 3500 – 4000 foot elevation mark. Not sure if it was the weather or what but the slow down was consistent across all reports. However, although it was a bit slower, there were still many fish being caught! 

In the Roche lake area, Bleeker has been fishing good with fish to five pounds in the shallows using chironomids. Horseshoe and Roche itself have been slow but steady both producing fish from a two to six pounds on chironomids, leeches, shrimp and damsels. Ernest and Hosli have been slower than average for this time of year but some luck has been had trolling leeches on the shoals. On the outer skirts of the park, Campbell and Scuitto continue to fish well with fish to five pounds on chironomids. 

In the Greenstone mountain area both Duffy and Dairy lakes are just starting to come on and should provide some good action for the next month or so. Like most ice just off fishing try your luck with a micro leech under an indicator. 

now that's lunch!

Now that's a shore lunch! (or should I say 'boat' lunch)

Moving a bit further west we have heard that chironomids are again the ticket on both Tunkwa and Leighton lakes.  If you like these lakes get there before the pea soup blooms in the water and you should have steady action. Oh, and once the pea soup kicks in try dragging a damsel through it  – but that’s a topic for a different post so stay tuned. 😉 

On the other side of the river, Red lake is slowing down but still producing plump rainbows and brookies while Pass is steady on chironies with fish to four pounds. Heffley is still fishing good on chironies and we’ve even heard reports of damsels starting to show. Knouff and Community lakes are now ice off and some fish are being caught trolling big leeches or hanging micros under an indicator. 

Not much of report from the highland valley lakes other than to confirm that the ice is off most of them. If anyone has fished any of the lakes in this area please send in a report. 

Our final report came in from White lake near Salmon Arm where the are hammering fish to three pounds steady by long lining chironomid pupae. 

If you think you’re hearing a lot of the “C” word in this report (chironomid that is) it’s because that’s what catches fish this time of year! If you’re intimidated fishing chironomids please see our chironomid page or our articles on long lining and deep water chironomids on the site and then give it a try and be patient – trust us, once you are on to it you’ll be glad you did! 

Well that’s all for now folks. Pick a lake, get out there and catch a fish and send in a report. 


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