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KGB Leech Fly Pattern

....... the KGB leech fly fishing pattern!

The KGB Leech Fly in Black & Blue

Up next is the KGB Leech fly fishing pattern … and this one is quickly becoming one of our favourite leech fly patterns for both early spring and late fall fly fishing in the BC Interior!

The KGB Leech Fly Pattern …

Over the last few years we’ve been trialing different leech patterns to complement the proven Triple F leech. Now don’t get us wrong, the Triple F Leech is an awesome BC Interior fly fishing pattern, but hey one can never have too many leech patterns right! So, one evening while flipping through Philip Rowley’s book, Fly Patterns for Stillwater: A Study of Trout Entomology and Tying, we came across “Glenn’s Leech”. We liked it right away for a couple of reasons; 1) the rabbit strip tail should be more durable than the Triple F’s marabou and 2) it’s scud hook platform seemed more applicable for micro leeches.

Philip Rowley’s “Glenn’s Leech”

At this point we considered simply going with Glenn’s leech but, in staying with the concept of durability, we decided to replace its marabou body with a wire dubbing loop. And while we were at it we threw in a bead for some extra flash and extra weigh to help get it, and keep it, in the zone. The result … Krazy’s version of Glenn’s leech, with a Bead … was born! And after a years worth of test driving it through every type of stillwater scenario that we could think of, the KGB leech fly fishing pattern has becomes another proven BC interior fly pattern that has earned a permanent place in our fly boxes!

... The KGB Leech Fly Fishing Pattern in Black & Red

The KGB Leech Fly Fishing Pattern in Black & Red

Well I’m sure you clicked on this post to learn how to tie a productive BC interior fly fishing leech pattern and not to hear us ramble on about its origin so, with out further a do, here’s the recipe …….

* This particular KGB leech fly fishing pattern is tied with black & red dubbing and a red glass bead head. The variations however are endless so mix it up to your liking. Olive/gold bead, brown/copper bead and wine (maroon)/red bead have also proven quite successful!

KGB Leech Fly Fishing Pattern | Materials:

  • Hook: Mustad Signature C49S OR Togen Scud – #8
  • Bead: Red Glass
  • Tail: Rabbit Strip
  • Tail Flash: Red Krystal Flash
  • Body: Wire Dubbing Brush (fine silver wire / black with red dubbing)

KGB Leech Fly Fishing Pattern | Tying Instructions:

  1. Place bead on hook, start tying thread behind bead & wrap thread down to hook bend.
  2. Tie in rabbit strip for tail.
  3. Add 2 strands of Krystal flash to tail – wind thread to head.
  4. Tie in wire dubbing brush & tie it down to the hook bend – return thread to head.
  5. Wind wire dubbing brush up & tie off behind bead at head.
  6. Whip finish – krazy glue ….. and you’re done!

KGB Leech Fly Fishing Pattern | The Video:

KGB Leech Fly Fishing Pattern | Body Alternatives:

And if the wire dubbing brush is not your thing (yet), don’t despair …….

... the plastic chenille version of the KGB leech fly!

The KGB Leech Fly Pattern with Plastic Chenille Body

For a slightly different but equally effective variation of the KGB leech fly pattern simply substitute the wire dubbing brush body with plastic chenille.

Inspired by Brian Chan’s Plastic Chenille leech, this variation of the KGB leech fly is still very strong with the addition of providing a great deal of glitter …  extremely effective in the early spring and late fall when attractor patterns seem to be the ticket. 😉

Well it’s just that easy folks. I hope you enjoyed this “how to” on the KGB Leech fly pattern.  Spring is here so tie some up and give em a go!

*** if you’re interested in custom tied, time tested &  proven effective BC Interior fly patterns, but would rather buy than tie, please Contact us  for details!

*** for more effective BC stillwater fly fishing patterns be sure to check out all of flies on our BCs best fly patterns index page!

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  1. Rily says:

    Noticed you guys using Togens Hooks,
    Thats all I use…
    for the money you can’t beat them

  2. andrew-williams says:

    Seriously, guys, it’s distracting when you have so many spelling mistakes: “compliment” means flatter, not match – that would be “complement;” and “it’s” is not the possessive of it, that would be “its.”

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