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OCD Olive Chewy Dragon | Dragonfly Nymph Fly Pattern

OCD Olive Chewy Dragon Dragonflyfly Nymph Fly Pattern

Olive Chewy Dragon
Dragonfly Nymph Fly Pattern

I’ve been accused of being OCD but we won’t go there today! This is just another Darner Dragon pattern to add to the arsenal but I got to tell you that it’s Beta testing went really well! The original version of the OCD was tied with UV Chewy Skin (hence the name) but I found it too thick for my liking. This final version of the OCD is more buoyant with the foam/deer hair body and works well on an intermediate sink line. 😉

OCD  Olive Chewy Dragon | Materials List …

HOOK: Tiemco TMC 5263  #6

THREAD: Danville 140 Denier Black

EYES: Super Fly Bead Chain Eyes Mottled Olive –Large

TAIL/BODY: Green Deer Hair


OVERBODY: Stillwater Midge Flex 1/8” Olive

Thorax: Mix of Seal/Synthetic & Flash green/black/brown

LEGS: Green Pheasant Tail

WINGBUDS: Wapsi Thin Skin Mottled Oak Olive


* For the BCD (Black Chewy Dragon – see below) substitute the Olive Stillwater Midge Flex  for Grey and colour it with a dark green sharpie. 😉

OCD  Olive Chewy Dragon | Tying Video …

* Tying Note: Tie your eyes in first so you won’t crowd the eye when finishing the fly.

A black version of the OCD Olive Chewy Dragon, the BCD, can be tied with a grey Midge Flex over foam coloured with a dark green sharpie before wrapping. Mess with the colours to get the shade of the Darners in your lake of choice. 😉

BCD Black Chewy Dragon Dragonfly Nymph Fly Pattern

That’s it folks …

Gord | FlyGuys Northern Division …

Keep Calm
Fish On

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