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Muddled Leech Fly Pattern

... the Muddled Leech fly pattern!

The Muddled Leech Fly Pattern

I designed the muddled leech to have more neutral buoyancy as a lot of my leeches had bead heads.ย  Leaving off the bead, and adding the deer hair, allows for the muddled leech to be retrieved super slow, which is sometimes necessary, but hard to accomplish, with regular type leech flies. The buoyancy also helps to keep the fly in the zone.ย Fish this fly on floating, intermediate and/or full sink lines depending on the depth of water you are fishing. ๐Ÿ™‚

Muddled Leech: Materials List …

HOOK: Togen Nymph 2X Long Size 6
TAIL: Olive Deer Hair / Black Marabou
BODY: Olive Polar Chenille
THREAD: Black 8/0
COLLAR: Black Pheasant Tail
HEAD: Olive Deer Hair

Muddled Leech: Tying Instructions …

  1. Tie a small clump of deer hair in for the tail. This will help support the marabou.
  2. Tie in the marabou to finish the tail
  3. Tie in the polar chenille and wrap forward brushing fibres back as you go. Leave room for the head
  4. Form a dubbing loop and insert the pheasant tail fibres into it and twist up
  5. Wrap the collar stroking back the fibres
  6. Get a good clump of deer hair, clean out the under fur and cut off the tips
  7. Place the bundle on the top of the hook and secure with one and a half loose wraps of thread
  8. Then tighten the thread and continue wrapping as the hair spins around the hook.
  9. Wind through the hair and create a thread head in front and whip finish
  10. Trim the deer hair head then stream under some hot water to lock in the shape

And because a visual can’t hurt, check out the Muddled Leech tying video below … ๐Ÿ™‚

Muddled Leech: The Video …

FlyGuys Northern Division
Keep Calm | Fish On

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