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Georgi Damsel Damselfly Nymph Fly

Georgi Damsel fly Nymph

Georgi Damsel Damselfly Nymph Fly

Originator: Georgi Abbott
Photo & Tie: Aaron Laing (Stream Time / fly fishing in the reel world!)

The Georgi Damsel | Damselfly Nymph Fly …

If you remember the Logan lake fly shop then you’ll probably remember Georgi Abbot. She and her husband ran the fly shop for years and when there was fishing to do it was usually at one of the many lakes in that area. Word is that Georgi developed this damselfly pattern most specifically for Tunkwa lake where it performed spectacularly – even when trolled through the thick “pea soup” algae bloom of mid summer!

Here’s how to tie the Georgi Damsel Fly Nymph:

Georgi Damsel Damselfly Nymph | Material List:

Hook: TMC 3761 or 3761BL, sizes 12-14
Thread: Light Cahill 8/0
Eyes: Monofilament eyes
Rib: Fine copper wire
Tail, body & head: Ginger or blonde marabou
Hackle: Hen neck or saddle, ginger/brown

Georgi Damsel Damselfly Nymph | Tying Instructions:

Georgi Damsel fly Nymph

… start by figure eighting the eyes into place.

Georgi Damsel fly Nymph

… tie in tail & wind the remaining marabou up to form an underbody

Georgi Damsel fly Nymph

… tie in body material & rib

Georgi Damsel fly Nymph

.. wrap body forward then counter wrap rib forward – tie both off.

Georgi Damsel fly Nymph

… tie in hackle & make a few wraps.

Georgi Damsel fly Nymph

… tie in marabou & form head – whip finish & you’re done!

and there you have it folks … the Georgi Damsel Fly Nymph Fly Pattern!

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