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Father and Son Okanagan Fishing Trip!

August 22, 2010:

Boundary Creek is located in Southern British Columbia’s beautiful Okanagan region just a couple kilometers west of Greenwood and near the Kettle River. Right on the creek is a small government campsite, about 8 sites in total, where my son Lee and I have camped three times now over different summers.

The creek seems to change a bit with every visit so it takes a bit of exploring to find where the fish are hanging out. On this particular occasion we found a nice little hole that we decided to hit during the first and last parts of the day being that it was only about a one minute walk from camp! This hole would prove very interesting towards the end of our trip! 🙂

"the hole" on Boundary Creek

Two nights before we left, Lee and I went down to the hole  for the last cast of the day and … BANG … we hit this two pound rainbow!

A two pound Boundary creek rainbow!

Wow! What’s a two pound fish doing in a little creek like this … very cool !

During the day, between hitting the hole, we headed to the Kettle River just a few Kilometers away for some awesome trout fishing. We also rented a boat at Jewel Lake for an afternoon.

Jewel Lake British Columbia

There are plenty of options in this and Lee and I had a great time! Too much fun !! If anyone’s thinking about fishing in this area you should definitely check this out!

Take Care ……. Andy

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2 Responses to Father and Son Okanagan Fishing Trip!

  1. Rob says:

    Very cool Andy! Thanks for the story and the pictures and keep em coming!

    • gary vardy says:

      holy crap dude i thought i was looking in a mirror u and me are identical twins the guy holding the rainbow at boundary creek i am going that way this year for brookies used to be some in boundary and big sheep

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