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Hot Spot Chironomid Pupa Fly

 Hot Spot Chironomid Pupa Fly ... now that's one HOT chironomid!

FGN’s Hot Spot Chironomid Pupa Fly

Hot Spot Chironomid Pupa Fly …….

Well last weekend while the home office was no doubt sniffing out open water and wetting lines, we had a bit of a blizzard to deal with up this way. On the bright side, to get in shape for casting all day I shoveled the driveway …..again! 😯

This time of year one of the ways to take your mind off the obvious is to sit down in front of a vice. When your staring at  a hook in the jaws of your vice you could be at home but you might be by a lake or stream side tying up “the fly” that will take care of business. I finished shoveling and that’s where I headed, to crank out some hot spot chironomid pupa flies!

 Hot Spot Chironomid Pupa Fly

… did I mention the snow?

I had tied a few staples and my mind was wandering, you know kinda the whirl whirl click. What popped into my head was hotspots. Recently I’ve seen all kinds of fly’s with hotspots. It started with nymphs but now they are everywhere. It reminds me when beads first showed up and every classic nymph had a bead added to it and probably out sold the original for a few years. Some still do because they work. So with that in mind I figured I needed a hot spot chironomid pupa fly. I’m sure there are lots out there but I didn’t have any  in my boxes so this what I came up with. I know I’ll expand the colours but I started with the good ol’ black and red also a black and green.

Hot Spot Chironomid Pupa Fly | Material List:

  • Hook:  #10 – #16
  • Thread: Florescent green Bead: Black
  • Body: Black and green Togen ultra stretch
  • Hotspot: Thread
  • Sheen: krazy Glue

Hot Spot Chironomid Pupa Fly | Tying Instructions:

Hot Spot Chironomid Pupa Fly

… pinch barb, slide on bead and tie in a strand of black and a strand of green ultra stretch.

Hot Spot Chironomid Pupa Fly

… wind over the ultra stretch down to where you want to start the body. This fly has a hot spot butt so just carry on around the bend and then back up to the bead with the thread. Wind the black forward and tie off

Hot Spot Chironomid Pupa Fly

… wind the green forward and tie off behind bead. Build up the hot spot with thread and apply Krazy glue.

Hot Spot Chironomid Pupa Fly

… & here’s a black and red version!

Will the hot spot chironomid pupa fly fish  better than the originals?  I doubt it but there might be a time or a place where they are “the fly” and I know I’ll smile and think of shoveling snow 🙂 .

Gord FlyGuys Northern Division

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