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Rock Bottom Stonefly Nymph Fly

... Rock Bottom Stonefly Nymph fly pattern!

Rock Bottom Stonefly Nymph Fly Pattern

Rock Bottom Stonefly Nymph Fly Pattern

In our effort to leave no stone unturned, I bring you the Rock Bottom Stonefly nymph …

Although not common, every now and then I see giant stone flies fluttering around in the late spring early summer up this way. This is my version to represent them. Stone flies are important when they’re coming off but the nymphs are also on the menu in the spring before any major hatches get going. Tie lots because you’re going to leave some on the stream/river bottom if you’re fishing  them properly!

Rock Bottom Stonefly Nymph | Materials List …

  • HOOK:   Togen Natural  bend #8
  • THREAD:  Veevus 10/0 black
  • BEAD:   Togen Cool bead Brown Magic 5/32
  • WEIGHT:  .025 Wire
  • UNDER BODY:  Danvilles 210 denier flat wax nylon
  •  RIB:  Ultra Wire Medium Hot Orange
  • TAIL/LEGS/ANTENNAE:  Togen Ultra Stretch brown
  • BODY: Black Flash dubbing
  • THORAX:  Hareline UV Polar Chenille black
  • BACK/WING CASE/WING: Scud back Midge 1/8” chocolate

... Rock Bottom Stonefly Nymph fly pattern

Rock Bottom Stonefly Nymph | Tying Instructions …

  1. Pinch barb, slide on hook and weight the front half of the hook
  2. Tie in wire rib
  3. Build up a tapering under body with the flat wax nylon
  4. Twist on a small amount of dubbing and build ball at the tail
  5. Tie tails in front of ball and scud back at this point
  6. Build a dubbing loop and move thread to bead
  7. Wrap dubbing up 2/3 of hook secure and trim excess
  8. Pull scud back over the top and secure with wire rib
  9. Tie in Polar chenille and wind forward to behind bead.
  10. Trim chenille
  11. Pull scud back over for wing case secure behind bead and fold back on fly
  12. Tie in antennae at bead facing forward with short tag end backwards for legs
  13. Trim wing to shape and coat it and back with UV resin
Tying tip: dip the end of the Ultra stretch in UV resin and cure to prevent splitting 😉

Rock Bottom Stonefly Nymph the Video …….

Gord – Flyguys Northern Division
Keep Calm | Fish On!

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