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Electric Lettuce Damselfly Nymph Fly Pattern

Electric Lettuce Damselfly Nymph Fly Pattern This gal is ideal for indicator fishing either in a static position or on wind drifts. The fly should be above or travel past weedy areas where damsels live. I usually suspend damsels about … Continue reading

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Rock Bottom Stonefly Nymph Fly

Rock Bottom Stonefly Nymph Fly Pattern In our effort to leave no stone unturned, I bring you the Rock Bottom Stonefly nymph … Although not common, every now and then I see giant stone flies fluttering around in the late … Continue reading

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Stump Lake Damsel 2.0

Stump Lake Damsel Damselfly Nymph Fly .. I remember my first really successful day fly fishing Stump lake. It was years ago, the month was June and the damsels were hatching! We were anchored in the shallows tossing out big … Continue reading

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