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Iron Man Chromie Chironomid Fly Pattern

iron man chromie chironomid pupa fly pattern!

Iron Man Chromie Chironomid Fly …

Whether it’s floating line under an indicator or long lining on a fast sink, since I first moved back to the interior a few years ago, a vast majority of my brain has been overtaken by an obsession of catching  Big Bows on tiny little hooks. So, when I was asked to share a “How To” on a new Chrionomid Pupae pattern I put together, by the guys who helped get me hooked with a passion for fly tying and fly fishing, immediately I was more than happy to oblige. Here’s my IRON MAN Chromie Chironomid Fly Pattern!

This pattern developed it’s name by my wife for it’s prominent red and yellow/metal look, similar characteristics you’ll find in every artists rendition of the classic comic hero “IRONMAN” hence it’s name. The Ironman Chromie Chironomid fly pattern was developed from throat samples I took from some Rainbows I caught last year that were a bit of an oddity in that the ribbing on the body appeared to be part of the color spectrum, starting with red at it’s butt section followed by light orange, to yellow to green towards the very top. Now I had to scratch my head about the various ways and methods one could put this together on a hook, I decided to go with the easiest and best possible way I could think of doing this.

... a chromie chironomid pupa! 

Iron Man Chromie Chironomid Fly | Material List …….

... Iron Man Chromie Chironomid Fly PatternHook: Togens Scud
Bead: Togens Premium Black Nickle
Under Body/Ribbing: Uni Black, Red & Yellow | Superfly Super Thread Flat Chartreuse
Body: Metallic Tinsel (width trimmed to suit size of fly)
Thorax: Peacock Herl
Gills & Butt Section: White Antron Wool
Glue: Sally Hansens Hard as Nails

* The metallic wrap I used is a type of solar film window tint that I acquired and cut to size. It is not that easily accessible, but I’m sure something like Christmas tree tinsel would make a more than adequate substitute. Just think reflective silver metal and I’m sure they’ll turn out just fine 😉

Instead of writing up a long “what and how”, and getting carried away with words, as I do tend to ramble on and on, they say a picture is worth a thousand words, and a video worth a thousand pictures,  so I put together a youtube video for everyone who might want to give these a go come ice off .

Iron Man Chromie Chironomid Fly |Tying Video:

… with new and improved tying video! 😀

Enjoy, and hope the “IRONMEN” get ya into some! 🙂


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6 Responses to Iron Man Chromie Chironomid Fly Pattern

  1. Lance39 says:

    Awesome pattern! I’ve been tying chironimids like crazy this winter but need some help with body materials….what should I use for the zucchini chronie and the rootbeer?

    • Avatar photo Evan says:

      Thanks Lance, I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’m pretty sure what the guys here call Zucchini is just Black Holographic Tinsel under some red wire but perhaps Rob here or someone else could clarify that. As for Root Beer I am not familiar with the name. Wish I could help more. As for Body materials the sky’s the limit! Whatever your imagination can put together, for me… that’s the best part of tying flies! Cheers

    • Avatar photo BCFlyguys says:

      Hey Lance, yup Evan is correct the Zucchini is black holo tinsel with a red wire rib … simple but deadly 😉

  2. Avatar photo Evan says:

    So I was messing around at the bench tonight tying up a few Ironman Chronies for ice off 2016, and did a few up with red flashabou, and gold and green holographic tinsel instead of thread and thought they looked pretty kewl so I thought to share on the page. Did pretty good with the originals in bomber sizes last year on a couple of occasions and landed some of my best trout of 2015 with them. No idea what kind of difference these will make with the fish but looking forward to testing some out : )

    • Avatar photo BCFlyguys says:

      Nice job it looks great! I think it’s a good thing to carry a few of each Evan cause I’ve certainly encountered times where they want them shiny and times when they wanted things a bit duller. I’ve also found the flashier patterns to work better in the fall. Keep us posted please!

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