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A Dozen Kamloops Family Fishing Lakes

– 12 Kamloops Family Fishing Lakes – Share the passion, share the excitement with these twelve Local Kamloops area family fishing lakes that Should Keep them Entertained while they learn! It’s BC’s Family Fishing Weekend and Father’s Day this weekend. … Continue reading

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Producer Chironomid Pupa Fly

Producer Chironomid Pupa Fly Pattern … Well It’s winter time, the lakes are icing over and for the avid stillwater fly fisher that means it’s once again time to start replenishing our supplies of our favorite chironomid patterns! Perhaps a … Continue reading

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Iron Man Chromie Chironomid Fly Pattern

Iron Man Chromie Chironomid Fly … Whether it’s floating line under an indicator or long lining on a fast sink, since I first moved back to the interior a few years ago, a vast majority of my brain has been … Continue reading

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