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A Dozen Kamloops Family Fishing Lakes

Kamloops Family Fishing Lakes - Take kids Fishing

– 12 Kamloops Family Fishing Lakes –

Share the passion, share the excitement with these twelve Local Kamloops area family fishing lakes that Should Keep them Entertained while they learn!

It’s BC’s Family Fishing Weekend and Father’s Day this weekend. It’s a weekend where families can fish license free with all sorts events province wide to promote Fishing and encourage more families to get out and enjoy what many of us have already grown to know and love. If you have never heard of this before you can learn more at http://www.bcfamilyfishing.com. With this in mind I figured I’d jump on board and write a little something to promote the addiction myself with a list of some family fishing lakes to help get you started!

Kamloops Family Fishing Lakes - Fishing with KidsWhat is it we love most about fishing? Is it the escape from the monotonous and mundane daily grind, leaving the city behind and entering the the great outdoors to connect with nature? The sweet sound of the zinging of your fly reel as a fish runs into your backing? The moment your indicator is buried beneath the surface or a well presented dry fly that get’s smashed as it’s skated across the water? Or perhaps that doubleheader at sunset or that trophy triploid pennask doing back flips all around you trying to spit the hook? For most of us it’s a combination of all of those things and so much more! But as absolutely amazing and awesome as all these things may be, one aspect of it all that I love the most is sharing all those moments and memories with my family and friends.

As exciting as it is when you hook into a hog of a fish, what stands out more than anything isn’t so much those exhilarating moments but the excitement you share with one another. When you can hear it in their voice and see it in the expression on their face, especially when that person is a child or perhaps a loved one’s last fishing trip or maybe someone out for their first time. I love fishing and I have learned to love fly fishing so much more, I love everything about it. It’s become a huge part of my life and part of who I am, but sharing that passion and passing it onto my child or nieces or nephew or someone new to the sport are times I will cherish forever. They say that “kids don’t remember their best day playing video games or watching tv” and there is great deal of truth in that (and the same goes for adults as well). For me, nothing stands out quite like the memories I have of going waist deep in the river or creek fishing with my dad when I was still very young. It was those memories I had that got me back into fishing years later. I’m sure many of you can relate when it comes to you’re earliest memories of fishing.

Kamloops Family Fishing Lakes

Now the truth is sometimes I tend to be a little selfish. I fish with my family alot and I find myself time and time again more fixated on my own desires and spending much of my fishing time and effort hunting “Walter”. While both luck and skill play their part, the reality is pursuing trophy fish take a great deal of time, effort and patience. None of these are your friend when it comes to trying to entertain the kids or a newbie. Time, effort, patience and adolescents don’t always mix so well and though my own child has overcome these to a great extent as she spends a tremendous amount of time fishing with me each year, even she sometimes deserves a break from the hard days of getting up early and driving an hour to a lake only to find dad changing flies and dropping and pulling up anchor all day scouring shoals and drop-offs searching for fish, then packing it in due to un-williing to co-operate fish and burning off to another lake to repeat the same process all over again! Sometimes a kid just deserves to wail on some fish all day while dad takes the back seat.

Practicing catch & release while having fun on local family fishing lakes!

All lakes differ and while some may produce more fish of greater sizes, which we all love, it is also those same lakes in many cases for the same various reasons and circumstances that tend to produce less numbers of fish caught. Fishing is “Fishing” that’s why they don’t call it “catching” as I’m sure you’ve heard once or twice before ; ) But I’m sure many readers here would agree they would much rather be spending their time out doing the catching then a whole lot of “fishing”. It’s always a gamble going out it really doesn’t matter when or where you go, that’s a part of fishing. Sometimes the fishing can be extremely good and then all of a sudden it’s like someone flips a switch and instantaneously they all stop biting altogether, almost as if trout all have a group meeting and by unanimous decision decide they are all going on a hunger strike. Somethings we’ll never quite understand. One day your nailing fish all day and the next day at the same lake you struggle for even mediocre results and you’re stuck scratching you’re head. Any lake at any given time can be hit or miss but some lakes you can certainly have slightly better odds and those are the local Kamloops area lakes that I’d like to share with you all in this article.

Kamloops Family Fishing Lakes - Shyanne Fraser Valley

So putting our insatiable desire for pursuing behemoth trout aside for a moment, I’m talking about lakes considerably less challenging with better hopes of getting someone into enough action that they are less likely to remember fishing as a boring venture. For this reason I have carefully considered many factors while compiling a list of family friendly, easy access lakes all within less than an hours drive of Kamloops that are of course, not always, but potentially faster action fishing lakes as far as numbers go and should at least, even on some of the toughest of days, produce a fish or two. They can also be good confidence boosters to an individual and inspire many more future endevours. These are great places to introduce others to fly fishing. Teaching them the basics like casting and setting a hook or test out some of their first flies. Some of my own personal fondest family fishing memories came from some of these very lakes listed below. I managed to narrow it down to a solid dozen, as it seemed like a good number to run with. While some people might disagree with some of the choices, perhaps maybe they had some tough days on one or two of these lakes, based on my own local knowledge and experiences I think these lakes will produce some memorable days on the water. An added bonus is that some of these lakes are in very close proximity of one another so if one isn’t so hot you can always try your luck again nearby without going having to go too far. Over half of them have available overnight camping and over half of them have fishing docks for anyone wanting to toss a line without launching a boat. And ALL of them are easily accessed with 2wd vehicle. If your timing is right and manage to hit one of these lakes on the right day you may be in for some exceptional fishing!

So here it is, in no particular order …….

A dozen Kamloops area Family Fishing Lakes

Edith Lake
Face and Paska Lakes
Stake, Lodgepole and Walloper Lakes
Logan and Tunkwa Lakes
Isobel Lake (youth/disabled regulated)
Rose and Tulip Lakes (both are also youth/disabled regulated)
Little Heffley Lake

I might add that both Isobel and Logan Lake winterkilled this past year of 2018 but both are regularly stocked each year. And for anyone curious abut other new lakes to discover GOFISHBC.COM is also a very valuable tool when searching out new waters in your own local areas. Just simply click on WHERE TO FISH and browse around, each lake will have detailed reports of stocking data and other bits of information to help you out.

If this post is able to somehow help assist even one kid, family, or new fly fisher to have a memorable day out on the water or inspires anyone to guide someone out on the water for a day then I’m glad I took the time to write it! I encourage you all to share your passion of fly fishing and all the excitement with as many as you can and wishing you all good luck out there.

Be sure to check the regualtions before you head out.

Cheers and TightLines …
Evan (fellow BC flyguy and fishing nut)

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