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Perdigon Nymph Jig Fly Pattern | Getting Jiggy With Jig Flies

Perdigon Nymph Jig Fly Pattern

Perdigon Nymph Jig Fly Pattern

Perdigon Nymph Jig Fly Pattern …

There’s at least another month and a half before the lakes in my neck of the woods thaw and I’ll be fishing rivers and streams until then. Picking up on European Competition anglers I decided it was time to go all in and tie up a box of jig flies. With Jig hooks you will have to use slotted beads for proper results. Some of the benefits of these flies are that:

  1. The flies ride hook up meaning fewer snags as you bounce along the bottom
  2. Hook ups tend to be in the top of the mouth, away from gills
  3. Direction of the eye leads to a better hook set angle or more hooked fish and fewer fish lost
  4. The slotted bead sits lower and further forward on the hook so it doesn’t obscure the hook gape. With this even small flies can carry a lot of weight aiding in getting down deep.

Still water anglers can also benefit from flies tied on jig hooks as they allow for a semi balanced “hang” under an indicator. Chironomids, mayflies, damsels, caddis, shimp, boatman and leeches can all be tied on jig hooks so make sure to leave some room in the fly box! 😉

The fly I’ll show you is a Perdigon Nymph, which has an oversized bead, Tungsten wire and a UV resin cover to allow the fly to sink fast.

Perdigon Nymph Jig Fly | Materials List …

  • Spanish Perdigon Nymph (Pellet fly)
  • HOOK: Knapek Jig Size 14
  • BEAD: Tungsten Slotted 7/64
  • WEIGHT: Tungsten Wire .010
  • THREAD: Veevus 12/0 Black
  • TAIL: Moose Hair
  • BODY: Polish Quill Golden Olive
  • FLASH: Larva Lace Teaser Tinsel Bronze
  • UV RESIN: Clear Cure Goo Hydro

Perdigon Nymph Jig Fly | Instructional Video …

And that’s the Perdigon Nymph Jig Fly Pattern … tie some up & go fishing! 😀

Keep Calm and Fish On!
Gord (flyguys Northern Division)

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