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flyguys.net Official 2011 Fishing Reports

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flyguys.net Official 2011 Fishing Reports Post!

So since our flyguys.net Official 2011 Ice Off Reports post went so well we’ve decided to take the same approach with our Official 2011 Fishing Reports post!

As before, please use the comments / reply section at the end of the post to share and discuss your 2011 fishing reports. Please include the name of the lake (or at least the general area that you were in πŸ˜‰ ), what worked, what didn’t and as many other details as you care to share. A picture is worth a thousand words so please feel free to include one or two as well! If you’ve got a question regarding a particular lake or fly pattern (or whatever) ask it here as well and hopefully someone will chime in with an answer for you!

That’s it folks! Might work, might not but we’ll give it a try and see how it goes! Check it out below! πŸ˜‰

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* For those of you that would like to share a little more than just a fishing report, please use the following link to submit your story! Entertain us and each submission will get you a chance to win a prize to be drawn at the end of the year! (prize to be determined) πŸ˜€ If you would rather us post the information for you please forward it to info@flyguys.net.

Tight lines & good luck everyone!

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312 Responses to flyguys.net Official 2011 Fishing Reports

  1. ken says:

    Pass lake fished well on black chronies this weekend with nice fish being caught. The parkimg lot was packed and 2 dozen boats on the water at any fiven time. I heard from a fellow that they were at campbell and caught lots of smaller fish. That puts to rest the rumour i heard of a complete winter kill. Glad to hear that. I was ar leighton the week before and it was just heating up. Should be hot now.

  2. Rob says:

    Here’s what I heard from a few friends that fished hard over the weekend:

    Horseshoe lake is still fishing good on chironies with fish to 26 inches!

    Rossmore lake is fishing OK with fish to ~ 4 lbs.

    Red is slow with almost no rainbows being caught but the brookie action is OK in the south bay.

    Roche fished slow on Friday & Saturday but picked up on Sunday. If the bugs keep popping it should be good through the weekend!

    Campbell & Scuitto = good action all weekend.

    Edith fished very well all weekend with lots of fish to 3 lbs.

    … more as we get em. πŸ˜‰

    • gord says:

      Has anybody heard any reports on Bleeker ??

      • Rob says:

        Every time I go by I stop and observe it and have yet to see a fish. I’ve also been talking to the people fishing it and have yet to get confirmation of anyone catching fish although one fellow told me that his fish finder was picking some up. Doesn’t sound good. πŸ™

  3. grant says:

    Caught this beauty the weekend before last on Black Lake.

  4. Adam says:


    blackwater smackdown! What a day! πŸ™‚

  5. Dawn says:

    Hi Fly Guys!
    Hubby and I would like to make a day trip this Saturday, but we don’t wanna be driving all day. Anyone got any good lake suggestions a couple hours or so from Chilliwack? We fished Surrey Lake last year, and did okay, but we’d maybe like to try somewhere else near Merritt where we might catch a big fat trout like I see on here. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!!

    • Rob says:

      Tunkwa/Leighton? Big OK, Billy, Chataway? If anyone else can help with lakes closer to Merritt please chime in.

      • Dawn says:

        Thanks Rob. Ended up at Surrey Lake trying to outrun the rain. Caught 10, lost 2 at the boat, and lost the big one, or at least it sure felt like it! Used different leech patterns, and one special little number my hubby made up on his own he calls the “coffee grinder.” lol
        Most fish in the 1-1 1/2 lb range, but not a bad day except for the freezing weather. Are we sure this is mid-June???? Here’s the only pic I took….too damned cold to hang onto the camera!!!! lol


        • Rob says:

          A dozen fish in one day is not bad Dawn. We fished 3 lakes (in the rain) over the weekend and didn’t catch that many on two of them combined! This weather is really putting a damper on the fishing! Glad you had fun & too bad the big one got away! Thanks for the report!

  6. Jeff says:

    Hi guys,
    love your website. I’m from Seattle, but have great love/respect for interior BC…especially the lake fishing!

    Fished 4 lakes, in 4 days. WINDY and cold, every day. Used a pontoon boat and a Fishing-Buddy 2 Fish-Finder.

    Monday, June 13th: Horseshoe Lake.
    Roche was blown out, so we went to Horseshoe
    Fished all day, with little success. Tried Cronies, but too windy. Ended up trolling a cone-head bugger on a full sink intermediate line; hooked 8 and landed 3. Biggest was ~16 inches.

    Tuesday, 14th. Roche Lake.
    Put in at the West end ramp/camp; rowed to the South end of the lake.
    There was a line of guys ripping the fish, in ~20 ft of water, on Cronies. I didn’t have an anchor on my pontoon boat, so I couldn’t join them. Hooked 9, over a 6 hour period; just trolling around. Landed 5. Biggest was 21″. Same line as before…used bead-head prince, hares-ear, and damselfly patterns. Not easy fishing, at all.

    Weds, 15th. Heffley Lake.
    Put in on lower Heffley. Fished from noon until 4:00, with little success (same tactics as previous 2 days). Switched to a black micro-leech and started to head back to where I put in…wham!; hooked/landed a hot 2 lb fish. Turned around, and wham, same thing happened. Ended up hooking-landing 4 fish, up to 18″, in the last hour of fishing.

    Thurs, 16. Edith Lake.
    Super-Windy; punishing.
    Ended up hooking 5 and landing 3. Nothing spectacular. Again, using the full-sink intermediate and various flies. Only fished for 2 hours, before the wind made me crazy. Picked up TONS of fish on my fish-finder…but this didn’t translate into fishing success.

    Keep up the good work on your site!

    Jeff in Seattle.

  7. steve says:

    Hey guys

    Fished Plateau Lake for three days this week. Fishing was great only 5 or 6 over 2 LBS but lots of action and verry scrappy fish. used alot of olive patterns and micro leech w/a blood red bead head olive color was on fire. Great small lake and good camp sites. Hard to find and rough road in.

  8. steve says:


    Stopped at Peterhope lake and got a good report on it but did not fish. Can anyone tell me when this lake is at it’s peak. I know everything is behind so when will it be on this year?

  9. steve says:

    Looking to hit a lake in the heart of the Sedge hatch during the first weekend of July. Any advise would be great.

    • Ted says:

      Rob, you have mentioned the bleech several times and I am interested to try it. Did I miss where you posted the recipe or is this fish catching star still a state secret?

      • Rob says:

        Hi Ted,

        The “bleech” is a simple tie using beads & marabou that I think is taken as a small leech or big bloodworm. I have personally found it quite effective on Fraser Valley’s & Blackwaters and have had good luck with it on pennasks in the early season as well. I gave a few to a buddy who has been doing very well on it at Pass all year on both the FV’s and Pennasks so who knows ….

        The bloodworm I used for the Pennasks in this post was “Grahams bloodworm” – a more realistic bloodworm pattern that happened to fit the bill that day.

        As for the recipe, I will try to find some time to post it up this week but no promises cause I’m usually fishing every spare minute I have this time of year – usually only tying on an as needed basis. If you don’t see anything in a week or so shoot me a reminder email. πŸ˜‰

  10. Dawn says:

    Hubby and I are looking to take the small trailer somewhere not so busy (Scuitto, Campbell, Roche, Tunkwa….not!) July 9-16 to try and catch a nice big fish like I see on here. There’s just so many to choose from in Kamloops area, but not being too familiar with road conditions, we’d appreciate some suggestions. The trailer doesn’t have a lot of clearance, so extreme 4 x 4ing is out of the question. Thanks!!!!

    • Walter says:

      We were in to Roche on fathers day week. Fishing was slow but they were some
      large fish taken. The large was 8.8 lb. The road in is pothold bad so it slow going,
      we have a 29 ft low trailor and it was ok, just slow going. Hope this helps.

      • Dawn says:

        Thank you, Walter. We were thinking of trying Horseshoe, and perhaps parking at Roche if there was room. We’re fine with the slow going.
        8.8 lbs???? Wow, I can’t even imagine catching one that big!!!! So excited, can’t wait!!! Thanks for the info, truly appreciate it!!!

        • Rob says:

          Hey Dawn if you are going to base out of Roche I heard that Tulip (right on the side of the road as you approach the lodge side of Roche) has a bunch of 3ish lb piggies in it and is fishing well. Might be worth a day trip or an afternoon / evening fish.

          • Dawn says:

            Hubby had mentioned Tulip. I’d best go google map it and have a little look!!! What about Black? Isn’t it off on a little side road to the left before we get to Roche? Thought we might try that one, too. We have a whole week (YIPPEE!!) so we might as well tour around just a little, provided we’re not going to get lost or stuck!!!
            Thanks so much Rob. Really appreciate the help.
            P.S. – Anything special we should be using there so we can load up the fly boxes before we go? Nothing worse than getting there and not having what you need…..lol

  11. Lisa says:

    Hey guys,

    I’m bringing some friends up to our cabin near Little Fort BC. Want to know which of the Hwy 24 lakes has been fishing consistently. Me and a few others will be on fly rods, but a few of these guys have never fished before and will be spin casting. Any thoughts on which lake will be a good bet? We were thinking Janice or Lac La Roche potentially. Thanks for your help!

  12. Matt says:

    hey guys,

    hit red lake last week, was on the water by 8am and put in a solid 12 hours! there was some algae bloom in the lake making the water a little murky but nothin was gonna stop me from gettin my line in. after trying a couple spots around the small island i found my most success in about 25 feet of water with my chironimid at around 23 feet. had a great day with some beautiful brookies being caught the most notable weighing in at 3.8lbs! Great day, will definitely be hitting red again soon. ps. great videos on the site robbie, what teasers!

  13. barry says:

    can anybody tell me how loon lake fishes in first 2 weeks of july?looking for a few days on a lake flyfishing with decent cabins to rent.suggestion would be helpful ,thanks

  14. Ben says:

    went to a new lake around logan lake last monday after the weather broke (june 20th) after checking out some stocking records. watched it for a while and after seeing no signs of life and realizing it was a shallow lake and might of winterkilled i decided to leave and fish a small lake around badger i hadn’t fished in years. did ok and caught around 18 fish between 16-18″ (used to have bigger fish but seems to have been getting hammered the last few years). most of the fish were caught on caddis aldults (was fun to finally hit the hatch right after a few years) and some on leeches and caddis pupa. had one on about 15 lbs…well actually it was a loon…but it was a good fight. the loons are brutal at this lake and as soon as i would have a fish on the loons would dive and head straight for me. decent action for a day and a bit of fishing but i feel the need to go and target some hogs again…

    • Rob says:

      Hey Ben curiosity got the best of us and we fished that shallow lake on Sunday. There are actually a lot of fish in it but unfortunately we didn’t see or get into anything over 18 inches. Throat samples revealed that they were on glass worms which explained the slow fishing. There were some tiny chronies coming off but we had the best success with flashy leeches. If it survives this winter it may be worth another trip in the spring! Thanks for the report………

      • Ben says:

        that’s good to know rob. in hindsight i should have fished it because even the lake i fished didn’t show any signs of life the first hour i was there and even walloper lake that i passed by on lac le jeune had no surface activity and thats full of lots of little guys . good to know the lake survived this year, i thought for sure it would have winterkilled with the late season we had this year. thanks for the heads up!

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