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flyguys.net Official 2011 Fishing Reports

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flyguys.net Official 2011 Fishing Reports Post!

So since our flyguys.net Official 2011 Ice Off Reports post went so well we’ve decided to take the same approach with our Official 2011 Fishing Reports post!

As before, please use the comments / reply section at the end of the post to share and discuss your 2011 fishing reports. Please include the name of the lake (or at least the general area that you were in 😉 ), what worked, what didn’t and as many other details as you care to share. A picture is worth a thousand words so please feel free to include one or two as well! If you’ve got a question regarding a particular lake or fly pattern (or whatever) ask it here as well and hopefully someone will chime in with an answer for you!

That’s it folks! Might work, might not but we’ll give it a try and see how it goes! Check it out below! 😉

* Subscribe to the comments of this post below and be notified of any followup comments via e-mail. You don’t even have to comment to subscribe!

* For those of you that would like to share a little more than just a fishing report, please use the following link to submit your story! Entertain us and each submission will get you a chance to win a prize to be drawn at the end of the year! (prize to be determined) 😀 If you would rather us post the information for you please forward it to info@flyguys.net.

Tight lines & good luck everyone!

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312 Responses to flyguys.net Official 2011 Fishing Reports

  1. Jayme H says:

    Took my daughter (2.5 years old) for a trip around Edith – she had fish crackers in one hand a rod in another. She snagged a couple of small ones and then I got a 1.5 pound rainbow in a croni. It was a ton of fun to have her out there.

    Any suggestions for fishing Nicola Lake?? I know there are a few different species in the lake and have 0 experience fishing it.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated!.



  2. Matt says:

    Hey Robbie, hit pass lake 3 times this past week, lots of good fish action with a bunch of these feisty guys …


    … but nothing like what i hear can come out of that lake! I anchored in about 16 feet of water and had A LOT of success on the bleech, black leaches and chironomids. There were chironomid hatches but stomach pump after stomache pump resulted in what were described to me as “dafnea”. All in all 3 good days, even saw a bald eagle take out a duck!!

    Thanks for the tips, talk to ya soon!

    • Rob says:

      Very nice Matt! Even though the chronies were working I’ll tie up a couple more of those “bleech” flies for you as I think they will increase your odds of getting into some of those 3 year old pig Fraser Valley catchables that I’m sure are still in Pass! 😉

  3. Ben says:

    fished one of my favourite kamloops lakes over the weekend. caught about 25 fish all between 17 and 25 inches. lost one at the boat about 7 or 8 lbs and then about a half hour later and a 40 minute battle, managed this one to the net . 30.25 inches long.

  4. Jim says:

    Has anyone been fishing Pinatan Lake, and if so can you tell me what to use if I am using a willow leaf. I am going to try fly fishng, but if all else fails, I will have to go back to what I know how to do. Any help is appreciated. Tks

    • Guy says:

      I have some advice for you Jim. Try not to post about willow leafs on a flyfishing site, that kinda defeats the purpose. Go get yourself a fly rod, some chironomids, leeches, mayflies and shrimp, and catch some fish using some imitations that actually look like food that fish eat. Stop trolling with jewelry attached to 20lb test and you actually might catch an 8.5 lb rainbow like this one…
      [img]https://flyguys.net/blog/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/Big Fish-1.jpg[/img]

      • Rob says:

        Be nice Guy … most everybody starts with a hook & worm and troll of some sort. The main thing is he’s fishing and wants to attempt to do it on the fly.

      • Jim says:

        Was actually going to try fly fishing Guy, but I thought that seeing as so many people that use this site fish in the lakes up there I would ask some advise. Guess I was wrong to do so. Was actually told by Rob to post and ask if anyone could help. Won’t make that mistake twice.

        • Rob says:

          Don’t worry about Guy’s response Jim. This is my site and ALL fishing questions are welcome. Try trolling a leech at different depths & speed and if that doesn’t work for you come on back and ask more questions.

      • shay says:

        That doesn’t look like a 8.5 pounder to me.

    • Rob says:

      Hey Jim I’m almost positive that if you troll nice and slow (read rowing) with a sinking fly line and a black leech or wooly bugger that you will catch fish on Pinantan lake and will have so much fun doing it that you won’t want to go back to the willow leaf. 😉 Just be patient and don’t give up!

      • Jim says:

        will give it a try for sure. I am looking forward to the challenge. It sounds like so much to learn, but I’m up for it. Thanks again Rob.

        • Dawn says:

          Hey Jim, I was also a worm and troll fisher, and it really is a lot to learn, but like Rob says, you just gotta have a little patience and some different equipment. You troll leeches just like your willow leaf, or at least I do, and I’m having lots of success! If one fly doesn’t work, you try something else. And different depths with diferent flies…it’s all one big learning process. This will be year three for me, and I STILL haven’t fished with chironomids yet (too embarrassed to try and cast with all the other fishermen around, lol :oops:) but I learn a little bit more each time I go out. And Rob’s right…there’s NOTHING like a nice fat rainbow on the end of your fly line! 😀

          • Jim says:

            Hey Dawn. Thanks for the tips. Do you cast or just let your line out? I am buying my rod and reel tomorrow, and then out to the ball field to practice casting. Yikes!!!!

          • Dawn says:

            Jim, I just let my line out. I count the number of pulls after my leader is past the end of the rod. I start with ten or twelve…I have a fifteen foot leader plus ten pulls, puts the fly about thirty feet behind the boat. If that doesn’t work (because perhaps the fly isn’t quite deep enough) I give the line a couple more pulls, and so on. Also, FYI, I put my leech on a loop knot to give it more fluttery action. I also turn the electric motor off every once in a while, to let the fly drop down a bit, then turn it back on, to simulate the leech resting as it swims. Hey, I’m no expert by any stretch, just thought I’d let you know what works for me. I’m sure that there’s lots of people on here that can give you some casting tips. My neighbour at Scuitto was extremely helpful….the best tip being, ALWAYS cast with the wind on your leeward side or you’ll catch your self in the ear!!! Good to know!!! lol Have fun Jim!!!

          • Rob says:

            Listen to Dawn she’s right on the money! You can find the non slip loop knot (and many other useful fly fishing knots) on our fly fishing knots page! 😉

  5. arek says:

    Any one fished Bullman lake yet? thinking of going there tomorrow,
    How is Roche lake ? i never fished there , what works out there?

    • Rob says:

      Sorry for the late reply. Bullman is fishing OK but Roche is fishing great and producing some real beauties! What’s working now (in almost all Kamloops area lakes) is chironomids but I did see a few Mayfly yesterday so the menu is starting to grow. If your trolling leeches & dragons are always a good bet 😉

  6. Mark Y says:

    heading out to Roche for the long weekend. 2 of us will be in a spratley and 2 of us will be in pontoons. any new info on Roche? did it finish turnover already?
    see you out there!!!!

    • Rob says:

      Just fished it again today Mark – turnover appears to be complete and it’s fishing good! 🙂 All sorts of chironies hatching through out the day and they were taking them right till 7:30 PM! Me thinks with the predicted weather that it will be fishing great over the weekend! We may be there at least one day and are typically in a 12 foot Misty River … come say hi if you see us!

  7. russ101 says:

    hey guys, im looking to take my girl on a weekend camp trip in the roche lakes area.. any tips on good private camping sites on any of the lakes up their, also is the ice off black lake!?


  8. russ101 says:

    i will be their in my 2 chamber inflatable 4 man yaht with a lady with abnormaly large breasts and an unusual amout of makeup on weilding a 4 wt

    • Ted says:

      You should think about fishing. The focus on your female companion has addled your writing skills. Seriously, Good Luck this weekend. Most of the lakes in the park have camping sites and outdoor toilets and great fishing. What more can you ask!!!

    • Rob says:

      hmm … better post a picture just to make sure we don’t miss ya 😉

      • HighAlt.Slayer says:

        Roche lake campsite is already full for the weekend… You’ll have to find another spot.

  9. keith says:

    A few years back, when my brother & myself where heading back to Scotland to see Mom for the very last time, we decided we’d go fishing together, for a weekend, at least once a year.
    This year we decided to return to Roche Lake. I was sweating quite a bit, with the late ice-off & dreaded turn-over looming. Many emails were sent & posts were read & at the end of the day, we’d have to just go & see how it was.
    My brother shows up on my driveway @ 6am & after picking up some brekkie & ice, we we’re off. I can’t quite describe the feeling of driving outta town, early in the morning, knowing that for the next 3 days I’ll be doing nothing but fishing but I bet most of you reading this, know this feeling!
    Upon arrival we can’t get the boat in the lake fast enough. We’re off full speed ahead to the top end, 1 rod balanced leech & 1 rod chronie 2 hours =NO FISH. We haven’t even seen a fish move. So we pull anchors & head back towards the bottom end, trolling a couple of leaches. Once we’re down near the campground …..”Fish on”…nothing big but the Skunk is off.
    While trolling near the reeds at the entrance to the two small bays at the end of the lake, my Fishin Buddy starts beeping like the censor @ The Grammy’s when the Hip Hop awards are being handed out!
    Anchors down I tell my brother, chronies @ 6’ and then almost none stop action for 3 days. The best part for me was catchin’ the biggest trout of my life, on a Black Sally that I tied myself.
    I know enough to know that a lot of what happened last weekend was luck but I also know that a lot of thanks needs to go to Mr Chan & Mr Rowley.
    Now, I’d like to say that I had intended on attaching a few photos of the weekend of 80+ fish but someone ( my brother) has not yet managed to send me any!


  10. Ted says:

    Hi all,
    Around the end of the month I’m heading up to the 100 mile house area for some good fishing. I have been going up there for a few years now. The lakes in that area should all be finished with ice off and turnover shoulden’t they. This is a little earlier then usualy but am looking foward to the trip


  11. Rob says:

    Inspired by Gary’s Friday the 13th report we decided to check out Heffley … and we did great with a bunch of chromer bows and one real lunker!


    All fish were caught on size 14 “little red & black” and “little boy blue” chironomid pupa in about 12 feet of water! Had a blast … thanks Gary! 😀

  12. Gord says:

    Rumour spreadin’ around
    That Northern town
    ‘Bout the ice off on “THE” lake
    Just let me know
    If you wanna go
    To that spot before the QUAKE
    It’s got alotta nice fish ahhhh ……


    With apologies and all due respect to ZZ Top this was our situation … check out the full story here!

    Gord : Flyguys Northern Division

  13. Gord FGND says:

    All fish were released. This is a good example of Blackwater trout that get to eat stickleback minnows. A lot of the lakes in the north have populations of various minnows and the Blackwater strain seems a natural pick for these lakes.

  14. Mark Y says:

    Hard to follow those beasts from the north but thought i would give a follow up to our Roche lake weekend. Fishing was decent with a range of fish from 14″ to 24″+ Caught most of our fish in Monster bay around the weeds but saw people do well in deeper water up to 20 feet. Don’t know how the cast those long leader. Saw one guy using some sort of yarn indicator that can go through the guides. Any comments on this method? Here are a couple of our fish. Caught one much bigger before dark but didn’t have the camera. Fish were mostly caught on black with red rib chironomids and pheasant tails. Fish were full of scuds and chironomids.

    • Rob says:

      Very nice Mark thanks for the report! We did OK in 24 feet of water but not as good as the guys were doing in the shallows. I think I may have seen you fishing there yesterday (Monday morning) with a youngster that could cast pretty darn good! If that was you good job on teaching them young! 🙂

      • Mark Y says:

        We were fishing there monday, near the father and daughter fishing in the shallows. We ended up more in the bay in about 8 feet of water when the chironimid hatch went into full swing. Smaller fish than in the shallows. Did you see the older gentleman in the nice wooden dory. He was doing very well all weekend at 24 ft. Very tight lipped. There was another boat with a couple of guys fishing in monster bay off and on all weekend. They were nailing them in the bay on sat while the boats around him were not catching much. My friend went over in his pontoon and asked what they were using and again, very tight lipped. I don’t get it. There are enough fish and room in that lake for everyone. I like to tell people who are curious before they feel embarassed to ask just to help them out.

        • Rob says:

          ya I don’t get it either … oh well what can you do …

          • Ted says:

            Rob, you tell people share because we want everyone to catch fish and have a good time but I still see a lot of posts here that say” went to a local Kamloops lake ” and caught a million fish on whatever.
            I don’t see them saying on Roche or Pat or Mystery Lake. Hey guys, if the lake is so secret then don’t post.

          • Rob says:

            I disagree and encourage people to continue posting reports with or with out naming the lake. There is value in providing reports even if the lake is not named as it is an incentive to get people out fishing. Who really cares what lake it is. The fact that people are catching fish on “whatever” at one lake means that it’s probably a good bet on all the area lakes at that time – and almost everyone of them holds 4- 5 lb fish so pick one and go fishing … 🙂

  15. Ben says:

    Back up to kamloops from thurs night to sunday afternoon. Fishing was good friday as we caught around 30 fish between the 2 of us. all fish ranged between 18 and 24″ with about 8 of those around 23″. micro leeches good in the morning till about 10 then switched over to chronies for the rest of the day. Saturday fishing was slower with about a dozen caught between us. Weather was great both days. Sunday woke up to rain and the clouds socked it. Contemplated leaving but decided to give it a try anyways. 1 fish caught on a micro leech which turned out to be the hog of the trip. 27 inches, 7.5 pounds. Here’s a few pics of the trip. The big one, a fat 21″ (built like a brookie), and a 23″. Tight lines.

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