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flyguys.net Official 2011 Fishing Reports

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flyguys.net Official 2011 Fishing Reports Post!

So since our flyguys.net Official 2011 Ice Off Reports post went so well we’ve decided to take the same approach with our Official 2011 Fishing Reports post!

As before, please use the comments / reply section at the end of the post to share and discuss your 2011 fishing reports. Please include the name of the lake (or at least the general area that you were in πŸ˜‰ ), what worked, what didn’t and as many other details as you care to share. A picture is worth a thousand words so please feel free to include one or two as well! If you’ve got a question regarding a particular lake or fly pattern (or whatever) ask it here as well and hopefully someone will chime in with an answer for you!

That’s it folks! Might work, might not but we’ll give it a try and see how it goes! Check it out below! πŸ˜‰

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* For those of you that would like to share a little more than just a fishing report, please use the following link to submit your story! Entertain us and each submission will get you a chance to win a prize to be drawn at the end of the year! (prize to be determined) πŸ˜€ If you would rather us post the information for you please forward it to info@flyguys.net.

Tight lines & good luck everyone!

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312 Responses to flyguys.net Official 2011 Fishing Reports

  1. Rob says:

    Well I guess I’ll start things off with a report on our first official fly fishing outing of the year.

    Forest lake is a beautiful little gem located about an hour from Kamloops via HWY 5 North. It’s a fairly low elevation lake that’s been ice off for about a week. With not a lot of other local options available, and with little desire to battle the crowds at the few local lakes that are fishable, we decided to give it a go today.


    When we first arrived there was very little insect activity on the water so out came the leeches. And once we located some fish and got into the zone we were rewarded with a nice little fatso.


    The throat pump revealed a smattering of chironomid pupa, the odd bloodworm, some shrimp, a few damsels and even an immature gomphus dragonfly nymph. Needless to say it seemed that they were eating whatever they could find so we stuck with the leeches in about 10 feet of water and had a great day with about 15 of these little scrappers to the boat within a three hour period! πŸ™‚

  2. Randy says:

    Hi everybody. Love the website. Just thought I would let those of you who are interested know that morgan lake has had a good choronomid hatch both today and yesterday. The flies really start coming off at about noon and that is when the fish start biting. They are extremely small, i was using a green size 18 1x scud hook, and it was still actually larger than the original. I had my best success in 8 to 10 feet of water wherever bugs were coming off. Caught 11 fish in 4 hours, nothing big, mostly between 1 and 2.5 pounds. Good luck to those that give it a try. Thanks again for the terrific website.


    • Rob says:

      Hey Randy thanks for the report! Sounds like you had a great time! Do you have a picture of that tiny #18 pupa that you could post it?

    • Ryan says:

      Sounds very similar to Six Mile Lake on Friday Randy! A few different chironomids were found in the stomaches of all the fish I pumped on the 22nd. They consisted mainly of gray/chrome with black rib, and a green (probably be fine calling it Olive) with a copper rib. All the chironies found in their stomaches were smaller than Tiemco 2488H Size 18’s tied with thread, X-SM wire, Glo-Yarn, and no bead head (head tied with black thread).

      The most productive hook this day was the Tiemco 2488H, Size 18, tied as thin as possible with black thread, X-SM red wire, a few extra wraps near the eye of the hook to imitate the head, or bead (found that 5/64 is just too big to immitate these early spring chironies). Topped with a tuff of glo-yarn.

      Very Similar with Randy’s depths. In 13′ of water near the middle of Six Mile I started at 5′ down (yes this may sound backwards to where you would start!). That took about a minute for the first fish, then started dropping a foot at a time and found that 7′ in 13′ of water was just out of hand around 11-3pm. When these lakes are fishing this well, if you’re not getting a bite within a few minutes (if you hit it right you can expect a lot faster than that even) and you’re fishing 2 rods, always be changing at least one readily, whether it’s depth or the fly pattern.
      Tiemco 2488H #18 with Blue-dun thread, black X-SM wire, 5/64 white tungstun bead also produced very well. The problem I have this this hook is the body gets built up so much to have a smooth transition to the bead and it looks short and fat, not what I’ve been seeing early spring (shoot for slim chironies).

      I did see a couple guys fishing out in the deeper water on Six Mile that appeared to be more like 10-12′ deep on their indicator and fishing a black chironie with gold rib.

      Nothing over 2.5lbs. Tons caughts right around 1.5lbs.

      • Rob says:

        Hey Ryan I’ve been using Togens 1/16 premium black & white beads for my #16 & #18 chronies. They seem proportionate at those sizes plus give that little extra weight.


        At $3.99 per 100 for the standards and $4.50 per 50 for the premiums you really can’t go wrong! πŸ˜‰

        • Ryan says:

          Nice! I’ve been wanting to find a place to get some smaller beads than 5/64! Never heard of Togens. Excellent!
          Yeah with my non beaded chironies I tie a short tippet (2-3′ max) and leave a small split shot above the knot to get the chironie down. Definately works but I think I’ll be ordering some 1/16ths today πŸ˜‰

          Thanks Rob! I’ll send you some pics soon of the chironies I’ve been tying without beads.

          • Rob says:

            Ya I just picked up a bunch of supplies from them to test out … so far so good … great prices for the quality! They also sell hooks, feathers, dubbing, flash, etc. Anyway there’s a banner ad link in the side bar of the site and blog for quick access if you want to check them out. … And don’t forget to tell em the flyguys sent ya! πŸ˜‰

    • Randy says:

      Hello here is the fly that worked for me on morgan friday afternoon. The hook is a #18, 2457 tiemco. I think I’ll head to Jacko today. Happy fishing everyone.

  3. Mark says:

    Went to Jacko yesterday. Slow morning, not a lot of fish being caught and mostly small 10 – 14″. Only caught 4 by 3:30pm when we went in for a break. We noticed a couple people working the 2 shallow inlets straight across from the boat launch so we headed there for the evening and what an evening it was. 10 fish to the boat for me, 8 of them between 18″ and 22″ and thick (full of tiny chironomids and leeches). Broke off another 4, and lost a couple others. Left for home by 7:30pm as we had a long drive back to Richmond.

    Keys to success: shallows, tight to the weeds – let it sit for 20 sec then single short strips with pauses. Flies: flashback pheasant tails and micro leeches.

  4. Jason says:

    Fishing Date: 4/22/2011

    Location X on the North Thompson River

    Successful catch of a thirty inch Bull trout on a top secret pattern!



  5. Rob says:

    You got to love fishing in the BC Interior! Here’s a teaser of today’s outing:


    See the full story (with video) here!

  6. Jayme H says:

    Hey Guys,

    Great site! Thanks to the “Ice Off Report” I made my way to Jacko yesterday. New to lake fishing (started two years ago) I was one of the few trolling the lake. I had a black & white beaded #18 chronie and after 45 minutes landed a 24″ – 7 lbs rainbow. It was a great battle and happy to have it in the boat.



  7. Adam says:

    Spent April 21-23 at Scuitto. I actually launched my boat but there really wasn’t enough water to be worth it. The guys on shore had access to the only spot with fish rising and a few were caught there but being in a boat I didn’t really want to go anchor on the only place they could reach. The ice was coming off slower than I expected but a few more nice days should have it almost completely gone by now. Surface temp at the time was 40-42F

    On Sat I moved to White Lake for a day and a bit. Fish were feeding relatively well, there was a decent hatch of chironomids ~size 12, and we had decent action from about 10-2PM in 60′ of water fishing all sorts of different depths. Biggest I saw caught was about 3 pounds, mine were all 12-16″ but excellent fighters. A couple of guys anchored in relatively shallow were into steady action so I think there were many ways to catch fish. The water was full of white stuff and the clarity wasn’t what I was expecting so I don’t believe it had fully turned over yet. Surface temperature was about 48F.

    Staying home this weekend so the next time I head out all that ice should be nothing but a memory!

    • Rob says:

      Thanks for the report Adam! Glad you got into some scrappers at White! And you know it’s only gunna get better!

  8. Steve says:

    fun at Jacko on Friday counted 24 vehicles but the boats were reasonably spread out, lots of small fish, then back to back 8lb and 4lber around 10am, rest of the day lots of smaller fish.

    8lber was put back 4lb went on the cue. Fishing in 8 – 5.5ft of water leaches early very small Chirons later then back to leaches near the end of the day.

    decent start to the year, next day was also good once I got on a lake, fished Shuswap on Chirons after I discovered Hidden and Bardolph lakes roads weren’t passable. Gas prices are going to hurt this year at this rate.


  9. steve says:

    Just found this site. Love all the good info and reports. I am heading out to Red lake in 2 weeks and need a good lake to go for 1 day of our trip. Any suggestions for me. I will have a group of six guys that love to catch and release fish.

  10. steve says:

    Thanks Rob. Pass might be a good bet. I also considered Jacko or White maybe even Kamloops lake just to check it out.

  11. David says:

    Great site! Any reports on Glimpse? Also interested if the campsite was rebuild. Apparently, it was going to be graded like Harmon was a year or so ago.

  12. Rob says:

    Hit Pass lake today and were quite pleased with the results! πŸ™‚

    The ice is now completely gone and the lake is fishing well. We were into about 20 fish with the biggest going about 6 pounds.


    Water temp was 46 degrees and the fly of the day was the KGB leech in black & red. Others were successful with size #14 chironomid pupa. The majority of the fish we caught were Penasks ranging from 1.5 – 3 pounds. The real lunkers were the Fraser Valleys that were put into the lake as catchables a few years back and have now porked up quite nicely! πŸ˜‰

    Full story here.

    Thinking it should continue fishing well till turnover … which at these temps could be within a week … so if you’re thinking about it best to give it a go sooner than later!

    Tight lines!

  13. steve says:

    Nice report on Pass. I was considering going on the 15th. How would the lake look then.

    • Rob says:

      Sound like it’s turning now so could be cleaned up by the 15th … might be cutting it close though.

  14. Mark says:

    Is there a turnover blog anywhere:)
    going fishing on wed for the day – What lakes should we avoid?

    • Rob says:

      lol … an ice off blog, a fishing reports blog, and now you want turn over blog too!! 😯 πŸ˜‰ J/K

      OK form what I have heard Jacko is turning and fishing slow so I would obviously avoid it. Someone on the ice off post mentioned Pass was turning as well so I’d steer clear of it for a while as well.

  15. Mark says:

    Thnks Rob – information is critical for us lower mainland people who can only get away from the wife and kids for a day trip! πŸ™‚

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