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flyguys Favourite Fall Fly Fishing Patterns

flyguys Five Favourite Fall Fly Fishing Facsimiles
5 Proven Fall Fly Patterns
– BW2 (Buzzer Wrap BloodWorm) –

Flyguys Favourite Fall Fishing Patterns - Bloodworms | fall fly patternsFlyguys Favourite Fall Fishing Patterns - BW2 Bloodworm | fall fly patterns

Chironomid Larve are important to anglers as they are available to trout at all times of the year. However, fly fishing bloodworms can be especially effective in the spring (just after ice off to early summer), and again in the late fall (just prior to ice up). They can also be effective as a searching pattern when there is little other activity on the surface. Trout will also key in on chironomid larvae as they become vulnerable when caught up in wind mixed water … an event which can be quite exciting as the fishing can be excellent! Half the battle is in recognizing that you are in this situation so keep your eyes open whenever encountering windy days on the water. ?

The BW2 (AKA the Buzzer Wrap Blood Worm) is another very simple yet very effective chironomid larvae (bloodworm) fly pattern. The simplicity serves the purpose of aiding to maintain the naturals slim profile, while the material of choice (Buzzer Wrap in Red Bibio) emphasizes it’s natural colour and shine … a feature which we believe makes it quite effective in the fall.

For shallow water a standard metal bead is sufficient but when probing the depths tungsten is recommended to help get you, and keep you, in the zone! This fly has caught us a lot of fish! Whip some up and give it a go, we’re quite sure you’ll make room for a few in your fly box! … 🙂

Here’s how to tie the BW2 Bloodworm …….

You can find more detailed information about Chironomid larvae (bloodworms) on our everything Chironomid page. 😉

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