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flyguys.net Ice Off 2015 Fishing Reports

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Well we made it through another one and with a new year comes a new…

… Official flyguys.net Northern British Columbia, BC Interior, Kamloops Area Lakes & Rivers Ice Off 2015 Fishing Reports post!

… and hopefully we don’t have to add a winter kill section this year! 😯

As before, please use the comments/reply section at the bottom of this post to share and discuss your 2015 fishing & ice off reports.

Please try to include:

  • the name of the lake or the general area πŸ˜‰ (NOT Mandatory)
  • what worked, what didn’t work, & as many other details as you care to share.
  • a picture is worth a thousand words so please feel free to include one or two as well!

If you have a question regarding a particular lake, fly pattern or whatever, feel free to ask it here and we’ll try our best to get you an answer!

Use the subscribe options below the comments section to be notified of any followup comments & posts via e-mail … you don’t even have to comment to subscribe & your email will be kept private! πŸ™‚

For those that would like to share a little more than just a fishing report we encourage you to submit your story (along with images/video links/etc) & we’ll post it up for ya!

And last, but definitely not least … a BIG thank you to Surplus Herby’s for stepping up yet again to sponsor our yearly fishing reports post! Be sure to stop in for all your fishing & outdoor gear needs before hitting the water this year!

That’s it folks … tight lines & good times to all! πŸ˜€

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495 Responses to flyguys.net Ice Off 2015 Fishing Reports

  1. nailknot85 says:

    I crossed over to the dark side and went out and bought a downrigger. We went to Monte for the weekend chasing Kokanee, we caught a few, averaged about 4 a day. Pretty slow but I got some fish for the smoker. 20′ on the downrigger or 1 oz of lead both worked well with the downrigger just barely taking the lead but it might have been the lure combo. I had the most luck with willow leaf gang trolls with orange or pink holographic blades and matching wedding bands and also a few with an orange apex, powerbait and maggots for bait. Only managed one on the dodger and hoochie. Yup definitely hit the dark side of gear fishing. Fishing is fishing though, I just enjoyed being on the lake. I guess I need some more practice trolling, I feel like I could have caught more fish if I knew what I was doing. I had the most luck in the early afternoon, early mornings didn’t stack up for me, tried shallow all the way to deep and 20′ seemed to be the consistant depthno matter what time of day. I also spotted the most fish on the sonar at 20-30′ I wasn’t seeing the thermocline but I assume it was about 30′

  2. Mark Y says:

    Any reports for Tunkwa (other than the resort) and or the Kane valley lakes (englishman in particular). Trying to decide where to go tomorrow.

    • Jason says:

      Just came back from Tunkwa. Lots of fish on the sounder but very tough fishing.
      Burgundy / muted red bloodworms in a few pumped fish. Bomber hatch might come earlier than normal. Was fishing in 17 to 20 feet of water. Nothing biting in the shallows.

    • Mark Y says:

      Fished Englishman
      Very hot, very slow
      Caught 7 with pheasant tails and uv leeches. My friend caught 8 using similar and dragons. Biting fish were actually shallow 5-10ft. Weird. Throat samples revealed nothing, only one fish had a couple damsel nymphs. Adult damsels were everywhere but only saw one nymph in the water. Fish were rising most of the day but only small ones. Caught a glimpse of one monster only 4 ft down cruising around slowly.

  3. Chaluga says:

    Fished Davis lake yesterday morning. I was using spinners and caught 4 from 2lb to 3.5lb. Couple of fly guys were not having success. At 10am it got too hot and water starting warming up.

  4. wayne says:

    Stump is really producing big Kokanee right now. Had our limits in 2 hours today, no problem. Typical gear.

    • The Force says:

      Thanks for the report on the kokes Wayne, although I need to admit I didn’t have the same luck. Usually I do reasonably well on Monte (although they’ve been small this year) but can never seem to locate them on stump. Gave it a shot on Saturday and only caught one (40′ down). Marked a few on the sonar but no big schools. Maybe this is a good excuse for a new side scan sonar!? The positive was that it was probably the fatest Kokanee I have ever cleaned.
      Anyway, if you feel like giving a brother a few tips I am all ears. Lukeh_007@hotmail.com. Cheers.

  5. titanflyfisher says:

    Hey all, new to the site and want to thank everyone for all the great info this season. Noticed it seems like fishing has been tough. I’ve had some great action at a few close lakes. Six mile has been fishing very well lately, baby damsels, olive chironomids as well as chormies have done very well. The gold beadhead marabou damsel has been the ticket. 10-12 fish in a couple hours in the evenings. Anyway thanks again for all the info and I’ll post anymore good action I can find

    • BCFlyguys says:

      Welcome to the site tff and thanks for the report! If you don’t mind me asking how are presenting the baby damsels?

      • titanflyfisher says:

        Thank you sir, I fly fished alot when i was young and have really gotten into it again in the last three years, fishing, tying its become a big part of my life so I have spent the last few years trying to figure these illusive big fish out and am starting to have some success. I fished six mile early this year alot at ice off and found lots of baby damsels then and have had steady success with them all year. Didnt notice them as much until i put my belly boat on the water and had them crawling all over me. Earlier in the year I would work them from the deeper water into the shallows near the bullrushes under an indicator with dead slow hand twist and that worked well. Since the water has warmed they are not spending time in the shallows, even in the evenings. There is a 20ft hole to the left of the boat launch and it seems working the edges of that drop about 15-18ft down does it. I park my boat in the middle and set my indicator anywhere from 15-18 ft. I even took a girlfriend of mine there last week who has never fly fished and she was able to land 4 2-3 lb fish in a couple hours missing probably a half dozen as she learned to set the hook. dark olive maribou, sparse tail, twisted and wrapped up the shank, a gold bead and gold wire rib. Simple but deadly pattern. Would love to spend sometime on the water with some more experienced anglers so if anyone would like to head out sometime Im always game when work doesnt get it the way! hope this helps and thanks again for the welcome!

        • BCFlyguys says:

          ” dark olive maribou, sparse tail, twisted and wrapped up the shank, a gold bead and gold wire rib. Simple but deadly pattern.”

          This! One of my favourite patterns! It’s a damsel, it’s a leech, and the marabou movement in the water is magic! Like you said so simple yet so effective!

          Thanks for the additional details!

  6. Mark Y says:

    Going to Tunkwa for the Weekend! Reports indicate bombers starting to emerge, hoping it continues into the weekend, anyone confirm these reports? Any good Tunk bomber patterns you want to share, need to tie some up. We will be fishing out of a spratley if you want to say hi or share info.

  7. Ollie says:

    North Thompson River is now fishable for Chinooks good for fly fishing too Ollie

  8. CB-loops says:

    Hey guys, I haven’t posted here in a while but follow it all the time, just putting the word out there a good friend of mine whos life revolves around his flies and his fishing adventures, Had a large portion of his flies stolen out of his car in Vancouver. smashed a back window an took 2 black CF design boxes and a bunch of plastic bags full of flies. If you see anything out there or see some for sale you would be returning a missing limb to him. Of course you guys know how it is, but his post says

    A fisherman’s fly boxs are in many ways the greatest journal of his or her history. 1000’s of hours go into refining your craft that are represented by each hook. They are pieces of art and are family heirlooms that can never be replaced. To the person that stole my art and my history, I hate you!

  9. titanflyfisher says:

    Hey All,

    Been looking into some new rod and reels, can anyone give me some feedback on togens stuff? Lifetime warranty and what sounds like a pretty good product. If anyone is using this stuff Id apprecaite your comments.

    • hacklejockey says:

      Reels are an excellent value. As for the rods – depends on how much you fish. The blanks are fine but the components – guides, seat, etc. are on the cheap side. But for the money – they are very good.

    • Benny S says:

      I had a chance to use the reels this spring and I agree with Titanflyfisher, good value! I think you may get additional discount if you mention this site?? Don’t quote me but you should look into that if you decide to look at reel seriously.

      As for the rods, unfortunately I haven’t had an opportunity to try them but have been interested to. If you get one I’d love to hear how it performs.

    • BCFlyguys says:

      I used their reels almost exclusively throughout the spring chronie season without one issue and have no problem recommending them. Like Benny I am interested in fishing one of their rods … maybe next spring!

      Here’s a link to the Togens Reel Review:


      Oh and yes use promo code “flyguys” for 15% off all purchases over $100.00 πŸ˜€

  10. Dragon Fly says:

    Fished Ross Moore yesterday (Sept 3/15). Fishing was slow but did manage to snag a fly rod and reel that someone had lost overboard. Looks like it has been in the water awhile but still fully useable. If anyone lost a rod let me know and if you can identify it you can have it back. If no claim in a couple of weeks I’ll find a worthy youngster who can make good use of it.
    Dragon Fly

    • BCFlyguys says:

      Nice of you to try to find the owner DF! I’ll re post on the FB page as well. Did you catch any fish at Ross Moore? Anything happening re hatches?

      • Dragon Fly says:

        Thanks, would be nice to get it back to the owner. Never got any fish to the boat but did lose a couple that showed promise. No hatches. The weather was bad, only 1 degree, rain, wind, sleet, hail and lightning.

        • Former Kamloops Flyfisherman says:


          Did you ever find someone to claim the fly rod you found?

          Apparently my Uncle Richard lost one last year if you haven’t given it away yet, I’ll let him know?

          • Dragon Fly says:

            Sorry I gave it away a week ago to a young lady who likes to fish. Believe it or not I hooked another one at Pass Lake but it had been in the water so long that it couldn’t be salvaged. What are the odds of that?

          • Former Kamloops Flyfisherman says:

            Thanks anyways, Dragon Fly! Even if it was my Uncle’s, I’m sure he was over losing it, never thought anyone would ever hook it, or be able to try to return it for that matter anyhow! I’m sure he would be happy that someone else that needed a rod and reel was able to use it also!

          • Dragon Fly says:

            I was leaving for our winter home in Southern California so wanted the matter settled before we left. I’m sure it went to a good home and will be well looked after.

  11. nailknot85 says:

    Any reports from Jimmy Lake? I was up there last week (Sept 26) right after a cold front and got skunked, fish were up on the shoals in as little as 3′. Water was 51F. just wondering what it would fish like thanksgiving weekend.

  12. Don says:

    Hi, I seen post for the opening of Thompson Re-use. Can anyone tell me where it will be located ????

    • trouthunta says:

      I believe i read somewhere
      708 Mount Paul Way
      Kamloops, B.C.

    • BCFlyguys says:

      Spoke with Ron. He says …

      Thompson Re-Use will in fact be located at 708 Mount Paul way. The store is not open yet hoping for a week from now. I will be starting small with the left over stock from kamfly but will get more as time goes on. Ron

      This was a couple weeks ago so hopefully it’s open now.

  13. gkornelson says:

    Has anyone seen any of the higher elevation lakes recently for ice-on? Getting anxious for some hard water fishing with the cold weather lately.

    • me and my dog says:

      I took a drive up to Saul lake yesterday and it looked pretty solid. Im going to try on sunday so i will let ya know if i get wet or not

  14. Art Vandelay says:

    Here I am actively avoiding ice at all costs and you are seeking it out? I thought this was a fly fishing site? Ok, i am just teasing you, but seriously there is still a bit of open water out there…

  15. Dru says:

    Got to fly over some higher elevation lakes in the okanagan 2 days ago and the smaller lakes where iced over. They looked like ponds at 10000ft . But any decent sized lakes had ice around the shore line. And the middle was still open. But it’s still early. Few more week and it should b good to go.

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