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Pre Hatch Six Pack | Six Essential Ice Off Fly Patterns

– Pre Hatch Six Pack  –
Six Essential Still Water Ice Off Fly Patterns

The Double Float Immature Dragon

Dragonfly nymphs are a prime food source of stillwater trout and because they are always present in lakes can be fished year round. In the absence of a hatch they can be typically found along the bottom of the lake, with the Darners preferring the cover of weed beds and the red shoulder preferring a mud bottom. Both become most available to trout during the spring migration to shallow water, the fall migration to deep water, and during emergence in summer.

In both families, as soon as the eggs hatch the free crawling aquatic larvae (nymphs) molt once and then start hunting voraciously. In the spring, between ice off and the first hatches, trout seem to key in on these newly hatched, immature, and recently molted little dragons … hence why imitating and fishing them at this time of year is a good idea! 😉

The Double Float Dragon is the last of our Pre Hatch Six Pack Fly Patterns & it’s a real beauty! Sized & coloured to imitate the immature dragonfly nymphs that trout key in on in early spring & designed to be presented floating just off the bottom where fish would expect to find these insects. This one is a must for the pre hatch fly box!

Here’s how to tie the Immature Double Float Dragonfly Nymph  …

You can find more detailed information about Dragonfly Nymphs on our everything Dragonfly page. 😉

Graham’s Bloodworm | Slim Damsel | Apricot Daphnia | Squirly UV Leech | Cinderella (Glass Scud) | Double Float Immature Dragon

So that’s all folks! A BIG thanks to Brandyn for taking the time to record the tying sequences for this series! And a big thanks to Benny S for the corresponding ice out fly fishing strategy article that explains everything in a whole lot more detail (a must read)!

CYA on the water ……. 🙂

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