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Pre Hatch Six Pack | Six Essential Ice Off Fly Patterns


– Pre Hatch Six Pack  –
Six Essential Still Water Ice Off Fly Patterns

The Apricot Daphnia

There’s not a lot that I can really say about this next fly pattern, except that I have seen it, live in person, catching fish when nothing else would. I’ve seen it outperform micro leeches 10 to 1 in the fall when micro leeches should be slaying. I’ve seen it catch kokanee through the ice, baitless! And, I’ve seen all of this multiple times! That’s the “it” of it. The “why” of it, unfortunately, I can’t explain. Daphnia, on the other hand I have a lot of experience with. Not much of it good mind you, but never the less a lot of it. The accumulation of which consistently seems to end by throwing on the biggest, gaudiest attractor fly pattern in the fly box to try and enrage trout into striking. This fly might be a game changer!

Daphnia, are small crustaceans that, for some reason, our BC Interior still water trout often decide to exclusively focus on as a food source. They range in size from .2 – 5 mm in length with the majority in our part of the world right around the 1 mm. mark.  When the fish are on them, or when nothing else seems to be working, tie on the Apricot Dahnia and give it a go. It can be fished motionless, dangling under an indicator, or with occasional twitches and tugs to enact some motion when things are slow. Alternatively, toss it out on a slow sinker and retrieve it back verryyyy slowly.

Here’s how to tie the Apricot Daphnia …….

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