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A Non-Fishy Brined BBQ Trout Recipe

– A Non-Fishy Brined BBQ Trout Recipe –

……. an article by long time BC Interior fly fishing expert Ron Newman … Thanks Ron!

Non Fishy Brined BBQ Trout Recipe - don't like fishy fish ... then check this one out!

Non Fishy Brined BBQ Trout Recipe

I’m not overly keen on eating trout or salmon. To me they are just too fishy tasting. However, take that same trout, soak it in a brine overnight and then leave it in my Little Chief Smoker for eight or so hours and it tastes great. The brine and smoking seems to remove most of that fishy taste.

Over the years, I’ve found that I’m not alone in this opinion. A surprising number of folks have expressed this same view about eating trout and salmon. So here is a brined/bbq trout recipe to cook these fish that will remove that fishy taste.

....... yummy non fishy bbq trout recipe!

a yummy non fishy brined BBQ trout recipe!

Prepare your trout almost the same as you would for smoking it. That is to say, prepare your brine with soy sauce and the other usual ingredients but leave out most (80%) of the coarse salt. Soak the fish overnight as you usually would.

The next day, turn on your BBQ to the lowest heat setting possible. Place tin foil on the racks and place the fish on the tin foil with the skin side down. Brace the top of the BBQ open about two inches so that much of the heat escapes. Cook for about an hour or until the fish begins to look like a smoked fish. It is then ready to eat and tastes very much like the fish that comes out of your Little Chief Smoker. That fishy taste is gone and the fish is something that I actually enjoy eating.

So that’s one way to deal with muddy/fishy tasting trout but we’re sure there are many more great recipes out there. If you have one please share it in the comments section below … we’d luv to see it! 😀

And for those of you that would like to know the “why” behind not so delicious tasting fish, please check out Ron’s Muddy Tasting Fish article!

Ron Newman

Ron Newman is a long time member of the Kamloops Fly Fishers Association and has spent the last 30 plus years fly fishing the Kamloops British Columbia area still water lakes for trophy rainbow trout. During this time Ron has accumulated a vast amount of knowledge on the subject which he has complied in his book, Rainbow Trout Fly Fishing : A Guide for Still Waters. Whether you are just a beginner fly fisher, or experienced and looking to hone some advanced stillwater fly fishing skills, we highly recommend that you pick up Ron’s book! A big thank you to Ron for allowing us to share some of that knowledge with everyone here at flyguys.net!

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Ron Newman

About Ron Newman

Ron Newman is a long time member of the Kamloops Fly Fishers Association and has spent the last 30 plus years fly fishing the Kamloops British Columbia area still water lakes for trophy rainbow trout.
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7 Responses to A Non-Fishy Brined BBQ Trout Recipe

  1. Rob says:

    Thanks Ron!

    For those that don’t know, Ron has been fly fishing rainbow trout in our province for over 30 years, during which time he has accumulated an great amount of knowledge on the subject. Along with sharing some of that knowledge on sites like ours, and through the Kamloops Fly Fishers Association of which he is a member, Ron has also documented his fishing expertise in his book Rainbow Trout Fly Fishing: A Guide for Still Waters! Check it out for some invaluable fly fishing information!

  2. Traci says:

    I have been trying to open the recipe for the trout brine. Can someone help me with this? Thank you, Traci

    • Rob says:

      Hi Traci,

      The article doesn’t have a specific brine recipe … it just says to use any brine recipe that you would normally use to smoke fish but leave out 80% of the salt. If you’re interested here is a simple brine recipe that you can try:

      1 Tbsp coarse salt (already reduced by 80% for you 😉 )
      1 cup soya sauce
      1 cup water
      3 cups dry white wine
      garlic powder
      onion powder
      1/2 cup brown sugar or Demetra
      Tabasco sauce

      hope that helps ………..

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