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flyguys.net Ice Off 2017 Fishing Reports

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… Official flyguys.net Northern British Columbia, BC Interior, Kamloops Area Lakes & Rivers Ice Off 2017 Fishing Reports post!

As before, please use the comments/reply section at the bottom of this post to share and discuss your 2017 fishing reports, ice off reports, and even (but hopefully not) winter kill reports. Where did you go (not mandatory)? What worked? What didn’t work? General or specific questions about a fly, a technique, or whatever … feel free to ask it here and we’ll try our best to get you an answer! Oh, and a picture is worth a thousand words so please feel free to include one if you can!

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Historic (& Live for 2017) BC Interior Ice Off Chart

Keep providing ice off info in the comments below and we will update the 2017 column! Big thanks to Lando, Tom & Darryl! πŸ˜€


That’s it folks … tight lines & good times to all! πŸ˜€

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456 Responses to flyguys.net Ice Off 2017 Fishing Reports

  1. bob-greening says:

    Well just a few quick notes after 4 days @ Roche . Monday thru Wed was slow for us , pumped fish showed the reason was the dreaded glassworms . Thursday and Friday the winds came so we headed into the flats . It was awesome with dble headers , bent and broken hooks and non stop action for 6 plus hrs on Thursday . Battles with the pr of loons was not so much fun as he ruined a nice female fish that I had to kill. Friday am was short as we had to head home but still very good fishing . So every fish was caught in 5 ft of water on red ribbed gun metal cronys , size14 .

    • BCFlyguys says:

      Uhg … glassworms … I’ve almost stopped trying to figure out something that works when they are the trouts focus. Usually it’s just a big attractor. Nice work in the shallows sounds like fun!

  2. cliffy says:

    Hi. I’m wanting to try Gordon or Abbott next week and I can’t figure out which is the best way in. I’m driving from Lower Mainland. Is one better than the other re size of fish? Do the other un-named lakes in the area have fish? Any help is appreciated.
    Tight lines.

  3. dessamjill says:

    Has anyone fished Horseshoe lately? How is road into Horseshoe? Any special flies that are working well for you? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

    • Jesse says:

      Hey dessamjill drove by today on the way to Roche and the road is closed to horseshoe. Roche was fishing kinda spotty this afternoon, had to keep moving to stay on active fish. A few bombers coming off today though.

  4. Chris K says:

    Hey Guys,

    Fished Scuitto yesterday with my wife and son. There were small size 12-14 greyish brown caddis coming off near the shore with the trout attacking them as they scurried over the water surface. You could just about catch a fish a cast on size 14 Tom Thumbs cast against the shore and retrieved back into deeper water. We landed 19 fish between the three of us in the hour or so we fished. The fish were all small between 12″-14″ and about a half pound. Our 10 year old had a great time catching them. The water level was super high with most of the first camping area under water. The new camping sites, picnic tables, boat launch and fire pits look great.

  5. dessamjill says:

    Earlier this week Jesse let us know that the road to Horseshoe was closed. Was this due to high water? Is it still closed and/or any idea if it will be awhile before opening? Thanks.

  6. me and my dog says:

    Can anyone tell me if cabins are still available to rent at Hyas lake, any info would be great. Thank you.

  7. Red Dog says:

    Ross Moore water and ambient air cold. No fish. No need for massage due to road and according to Fitbit did over 5K of “roadwork” without leaving truck. Big boar Black Bear 300 elbows plus in vicinity along with Wa. state visitors. Periodic drizzle. No hatch. Have not checked out Fred although did not have Blood Services Canada donation card with me.

  8. Aggie Fritz says:

    Hello All. I am planning to fish Gwen Lake for 2 days this weekend. I never been there.
    Anyone have any info.

  9. dryline says:

    Hi everyone. Looking for opinions on Jon boat brands. I’m thinking 14-16 feet long 48-52 inches wide. Most brands seem very similar in this category. What really separates them?

    • Red Dog says:

      When retiring, bought a Zodiac and I custom built an aluminum trailer for it. That lasted but a year and a half. Then I bought a “Journey” for less than a fourth of the cost of the Zodiac and that’s not counting cost of the trailer. That was more than 15 years ago. Recently saw Kelly @ Journey Industries and he is once again building boats. He is situated down in Iron Mask Industrial Park. Everyone I know that bought a Journey boat stubbornly refuses to part with it. I don’t know what he is charging now, but I do know he is open to personal specifications/modifications. From my perspective, he does an exceptionally fine job. His workmanship and attention to detail is superb.

      • dryline says:

        Do you have any contact info for Kelly @ journey. Thanks

        • BCFlyguys says:

          Hey dryline I just emailed ya πŸ™‚

          Everyone else looking for a quality boat stay tuned as we’re hoping to announce some exciting news soon! In the meantime if you have any questions re the Journeys (currently with their 9″6″ or 11’6″ models) shoot me an email at bcflyguys@gmail.com πŸ˜‰

    • BCFlyguys says:

      I’m not sure the same applies for 14-16 footers but in the 9 – 11 footers, other than the Journey, Spratley & vintage Flyfisher/springboks, the rest have them annoying raised ribs on the floor!

  10. theRoleOfFate says:

    Fished Pass yesterday, June 20. Not much moving and no one was catching anything. There’s lots of junk floating on top of the water. Algae bloom or still turning? Either way I wouldn’t bother going up there right now.

  11. Evan says:

    Hey everyone, I was thinking of going camping/fishing this weekend with the family… looking possibly for some long lining opportunities and a clear water lake something more suitable for swimming probably something higher in elevation that is most likely still fishing decent? just looking around for as many ideas and options possible, thought to try here and see if anyone had any suggestions before The weekend, anywhere within an hour or so drive of the loops…not too picky on size but not looking for something where the fish max out at 1-2lbs either…or if you know where some good places to skate some sedges around right now I’m all ears too! ; ) any ideas? thanks in advance!

    • BCFlyguys says:

      If long lining, clear water AND a chance for biguns is on your mind I’d head up to Sheridan πŸ˜‰

    • Chris K says:

      Hey Evan,

      White Lake is great in July and August long lining a 10-12 bloodworm patten in 40-70′ of water. Far end, left hand side off the triangle shaped shoal they call the hook. The lake is great for swimming and crystal clear. The fish average about 16-17″ with a few three pounders in the mix. No where near the fish size of Sheridan but only an hour drive from the Loops and much warmer swimming. The temperature seems to hang aroun 50-52 at 50′ down when I’ve checked with a thermometer on a string. The first thermocline sets up at about 17-20′. Easy 15-20 fish days in the heat of the summer. A nice high, stable barometer seems to help too.



      • Evan says:

        Thanks Guys, Both good suggestions, I appreciate the replies…Heading up north next week…gonna hit HWY 24 on the way home for the long weekend. Destination lakes still up in the air. Will maybe leave a report if I hit Sheridan. I’ve only ever fished White during early ice off, Might just have to check it out this year for some summer family fun. Cheers

        • Former Kamloops Flyfisherman says:

          Hi Evan,

          If you’re coming up this way, Ruth Lake out past Forest Grove might be a good option. I don’t know how it is for long lining chironomids, but it has been fishing well for both rainbows and decent Kokanee, too. Super clear water with an OK public beach, but I am not sure how warm it is yet; we haven’t really had summer yet here, and I believe we have had frost in the area twice in the last week or so! Another lake up here that might fit your bill is Sulphurous; it is also a super clear lake with rainbows, Kokanee, and lake char as well. It doesn’t have a great beach, and also might not be that warm yet, either, but there are a bunch of other decent fishable lakes nearby (Deka, Hathaway, Drewry, etc.). Green Lake is also an option; the fish can be big but harder to catch for most people. It is super clear and apparently has warmed up, super nice beaches, too! I’m planning to get out to Ruth on Wednesday hopefully, I’ll try to let you know if I do. Feel free to message me at (778) 538-0465 or e-mail me if you have any questions.


          • Evan says:

            Thanks Derek! ?

          • Former Kamloops Flyfisherman says:

            No Problem! To me, this site is all about helping each other out, when and where you can! I have a definite plan to fish Ruth on Wednesday, I’ll try to give an update after we come back.

          • Former Kamloops Flyfisherman says:

            Sorry, Evan,
            I got super busy after Wednesday and didn’t have time to post.
            Fishing was good for us at Ruth, but we were either trolling flies or Kokanee gear on the downriggers. Water temp was about 18-19 C, weather was overcast, a bit breezy, and light rain at times. I didn’t check the solunar table, but it seemed like quite a bite was on from about 11:00 to 12:00 or so. Nothing super huge for size for us, about the biggest was about a 2lber Kokanee lost at the end of the day. Hope you had a good Canada Day weekend!

  12. Red Dog says:

    Did early trip to Edith today as trusted friend reported gang buster day on Thu. On arv met someone that sleuthed my identity from posts made here. As result he shall forever be known as TNA to me. Fish not stack-packed in 42′ but were not very active. Water rose from 65F to 68F. Had to resort to advice passed to me from TNA who advised that Lloyd’s of London gave him the tip. 25′ leader on dry line and use of #8 3x Leech with very slow retrieve got a couple of hits. Had to take one c.a. 2 lbs. Necropsy revealed only one Chironomid and one believed to be Backswimmer among the dreaded Daphnia in stomach contents. Entomological suspicion gained credibility when one Backswmmer seen flopping on deck of my boat when weighing anchor. Making it ashore around noon was like slalom skiing through kayaks.

  13. 5A Flyfisher says:

    I see they stocked some kokanee in PHL back in May….3500 fry…how long does it take a fishery like that to develop….and how does it affect the rainbows? Was hopin mabye the trout would fatten up on Kokanee fry.

    • nailknot85 says:

      There was a lengthy discussion about the PH kokanee stocking over on flybc. Long story short lokanee and pennask rainbows mostly inhabit different parts of the lake and shouldn’t interact that much i.e. competing for food and becoming food. Most strains of kokanee have a 4 year life cycle, I’m still not 100% sure if triploid kokanee die after their 4 years or not but they do colour up and act like they are spawning.

      • 5A Flyfisher says:

        Thanks for info,,, Always a good thing when you find a new fishing info resource you never knew about.

  14. Armadillo says:

    must be too hot to fish…time to hide in the shade and relax

  15. troutboi says:

    Anyone fished Roche lately? Or Tunkwa? Lookin for a place to fish Labour Day. Any advise would be appreciated.

    • BCFlyguys says:

      Have not been there myself in a while but word is it’s fishing “ok”. If you have the ability to hold off a couple weeks I think it would really start coming on then.

    • Cainer says:

      I was up at Tunkwa a few days ago and it was average at best (at least for me although everyone around me was struggling as well). Fishing was spotty during the day with chronomid hatches here and there ( had luck on ASB and dark green patterns in size 12). Fishing picked up substantially in the evening (majority of my luck at this time on maroon leeches). Depth was anywhere from 10-15ft. Really need the weather to start cooling off, I think its just a little too hot for fish and human alike.

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