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flyguys.net Ice Off 2016 Fishing Reports

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… Official flyguys.net Northern British Columbia, BC Interior, Kamloops Area Lakes & Rivers Ice Off 2016 Fishing Reports post!

As before, please use the comments/reply section at the bottom of this post to share and discuss your 2016 fishing, ice off, and even (but hopefully not) winter kill reports. Where did you go (not mandatory)? What worked? What didn’t work? General or specific questions about a fly, a technique, orΒ whatever … feel free to ask it here and we’ll try our best to get you an answer! Oh, and a picture is worth a thousand words so please feel free to include one if you can!

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814 Responses to flyguys.net Ice Off 2016 Fishing Reports

  1. Evan says:

    We all love the success stories, and while mine isn’t much of one, I did mention leaving a report here earlier, so here it is anyways…

    Spent 3 days fishing in the Cariboo, primarily Sheridan for 2 of those days. Fishing was very poor much like the weather (wind, rain, snow and freezing!). When I left yesterday it was below zero and pretty much full on blizzard resembling an early winters day in December. Mayflies were abundant throughout but throat pump samples revealed they were not actively feeding on anything with the exception a few scuds. Tried just about every thing I know but our success was very limited to only a few. I’m pleased to say I didn’t get skunked like many others during those days and did get into at least one pretty decent fish, but nothing special by Sheridan standards, a 5# absolutely psychotic Blackwater that seemed to be on steroids and put many Pennask strains in the same weight class to shame with multiple leaps and long hard runs that went deep into my backing. Got him dragging a weighted olive bugger far behind the boat close to the bottom under a floating line in approx 10ft of water and was the only one I was able to land that day and much needed as we planned to have one for our dinner on the campfire that night! One filet to feed me and my family and my aunt and uncle got the other half. The derby winner between all the resorts this Saturday was only in the 3lbs range so I guess considering that, we made out alright. Not all I hoped for but that’s fishing I guess. My third year fishing Sheridan in mid May and I never go expecting numbers but was definitely the toughest I have experienced. Word through the grapevine was that chironomids were producing the week previous when the weather was much nicer. Hopefully it picks up for anyone else heading out that way.

    • BCFlyguys says:

      Thanks for the report Evan and that’s a beautiful fish! For what it’s worth Sheridan is a big lake which takes quite a while to figure out, but don’t give up on it cause when you do it’s totally worth it. And don’t let the weather deter you as I can guarantee you that there were active and cooperative fish there this weekend! Couple questions for ya ……. Were those mayflies adults or hatching nymphs? Did you look for/find any chironomid hatches? Did you venture off the shoals (you mentioned fishing 10′)?

      • Evan says:

        Adult Mayflies were present everywhere I went but never came across any big hatches, some chironomids hatching here and there but for the most part they were ridiculously small and hard to imitate. I covered a decent amount of water always on the move watching for anything that would indicate reason to drop anchor and did fish off the shoals about 50/50. I should be back again in June, I may have lost this round but I take my lumps and come back swinging! I might head out this afternoon for a few hours to regain some of my pride back j/k lol

      • Evan says:

        …oh and I never let the weather deter me, I fish hard no matter the circumstances may be… but in many cases have found it to make a big difference on the fishing. I have been out when it’s stormy and a big weather system moving through and nothing! All of a sudden the clouds break free sun rolls in and the fish seem to come to life. My wife always called it and I always argued, but more often than not she was right and I’m beginning to agree with her. Not saying that’s always the case, I have had some good days in the pouring rain as well…Anyone else’s thoughts?

        • BCFlyguys says:

          Good stuff Evan! Sometimes all it takes is accidentally stumbling across a hatch on that “one more look” before calling it and it turns a bust day into an epic day!

          As for my thoughts on inclement weather in May, thunder/lightning storms aside I’ve mostly found them to fish well. Case in point Saturday and Sunday were a couple of my best numbers days this year, all in the wind/rain/snow and one of those days on Sheridan πŸ˜‰

          Good luck this afternoon!

        • NymphOManiac says:

          I know some fish- especially rainbows- are uncomfortable during low pressure systems due to their bladders expanding. However, we have had decent fishing on rainy days. But this weekend was off at one of our favorite lakes near Merritt. Only a couple fish each day and not on any particular bug. There were very few chironimid casings and just a few adult mays in the evenings. An hour of sunshine sure brings a lake to life though…
          We pumped the first fish caught and it was full of tiny blood worms of many colors. Couldn’t get fish on imitations though…
          Last May Long was the same for us also – different lake but also at 4300 – 5000 ft elevation during a low pressure system.
          Looking back over the years, it seems our best fishing at high-elevation lakes is when the weather is sunny and warm.
          And word from some of the lower lakes (by 1000′) in the area is that the fishing was pretty good.
          So our theory is that the higher the lake, the more the air pressure affects the fish.
          Can anybody share some knowledge/experience on this?

    • wayne says:

      The only weather I’ve ever noticed to kill fishing were thunder storms with lightning. But I’m no expert on the subject. Just an observation

    • wayne says:

      We fished red most the weekend in not so nice weather but the fishing was still ok.

  2. James23 says:

    Hey guys, has anyone fished lundbom recently? Fished their about 3 weeks ago, lots of fish but not a single one over 12 inches.
    Fished their in May 2 years ago and caught a good amount in the 14-22 inch range.
    Curious if that’s the norm now a days at that lake

  3. coastlogger says:

    Just a quick question? Anyone out there fish black lake this year and how’s it doing no winter kill or anything,I thought I heard Friskin lake had a winter kill anyway thanks in advance was thinking of heading out there next week

    • Giuseppe Rasputin says:

      haven’t heard much out of black except that the road was in “not bad” condition. I was at Bleeker last week and though the fish were coloured up for spawning we sight fished in 2 feet of water all weekend! black with red butt croni silver rib was the ticket along with damsels, gomphus dragon , parachute Adams and about 1″ deer hair caddis. Lost count of how many to the boat but It was alot πŸ™‚

    • BCFlyguys says:

      No first hand reports but have heard that fish are being caught and it was not flagged as a potential kill. It’s a beautiful little clear water lake that I would not hesitate to check out. Yes Frisken, along with Bullman, were flagged as most likely full kills … but you never know!

  4. BCFlyguys says:

    Heffley was wet but fun today! Took a bit of time to locate a small hatch but once we did it was fish on. Little limey’s, assorted #14s, mayflies and even a few good size adult caddis
    out and about today …

  5. coastlogger says:

    Well I headed out to the Roche lake area, fully intended to fish Black lake. I’d been researching everything I could about all the lakes in the area and found myself driving down the road to Horseshoe lake. Beautiful lake I unloaded the boat and headed out despite torrential downpours. Started rowing around the lake looking for any sign of fish moving while starting out with a micro leech and then pretty much though my whole fly box . I didn’t see one fish moving nor did I have any action. I spent about 4.5 hours on the lake, I know there is fish in there but I quess I need to spend more time there to figure them out . Back in the truck and thought I would have a look at Roche . First thing I saw… Moving fish,back on the water. First cast on a #10 blood worm with copper rib and bead beautiful Penask rainbow about 4 lbs just awesome!! As the day moved on I switched to chronomids Zukes and Bleeding Limeys (thanks flyguys) bought 6 more beauty’s to the moby. The weather sucked but it was a awesome day on the lake ! So one day I’m going to get to Black lake. Sorry for no pics had my camera,phone and GoPro and didn’t use any of them ? To busy fishing I quess??
    Any tips out there for Horseshoe lake I’ve heard and seen pics of fish in there! Anyway thanks Flyguys love the site

    • analfin says:

      I don’t bother with Horseshoe in the open water season anymore. For some reason it is just a tough lake and not worth the effort with all the other quality waters around. It is stocked 3 fold of what it used to be to accommodate the winter meat guys. I do ice fish it once in a while and it usually produces well.

    • deesee says:

      Here Here Analfin!!

      Horsesh** Lake is crossed off of my list for open water season too. If I want to go out for a row, and catch no fish, I will go to Shumway. I am an Oilers fan, so getting shut out is something I am used to, but I am not going to set myself up for imminent disappointment on the water. I will leave that lake to the experts.

      • analfin says:

        I think the experts know better too……..

        • Evan says:

          I’m no expert, and while I too have found horsehoe to be a real challenge at times, it’s also been very rewarding and IMO worth the effort. Same reason I spend long days wading up and down the rivers each winter hunting searun silver ghosts. That moment you know you’ve hooked something special that’s defied the odds and you’re heart starts racing, LOVE THAT FEELING! cheers guys

          • Evan says:

            it’s the callenge

            just wanted to add that as frustrating as things get sometimes I enjoy the challenges as they make me a better fishermen

          • deesee says:

            Totally fair point Evan. I too prefer to go to lakes where there is a chance to catch a monster even if it means a few trips where I get skunked. Nevertheless, Horseshoe is off my Christmas card list.

            I wonder if it’s name has something to do with its reputation. Picture it:

            A bunch of pioneers out for a week-long boys fishing trip. Beers flowing, lots of laughs, but no fish. Finally, at the end of the week one of the guys lands a double-digit bow. “Hey Charlie,” the others shout, you must have a ________ up your (far end of the G.I. tract)!!!”

            Yet another Kamloops area lake named!!!

  6. Mark Y says:

    Any tips and tricks for Salmon Lake? Heading there with the wife this weekend.

    • Corey Muncaster says:

      Best thing to do is ask at the front desk when you check in.

    • Dawn says:

      I highly recommend the Lagerton (sp?) chironomid that they sell at the store there. I got completely dialed in with that last year on Salmon. Far end of the lake by the yurt in about 18 ft of water. Caught one after the other of cookie cutter 2-3 lb fish. Never felt so alive in my whole life!!! lol Another good spot is at the other end of the lake, in about 12ft. You’ll see a lot of people head there in the am and the far end in the evening. Only spent one weekend there, but I sure had fun!!! Good luck Mark Y!!

  7. LongLeader says:

    I spent the day on Davis lake yesterday near Merrit. Pretty quiet mid week for campers. Quite windy which presented a real problem for my single anchor pontoon outcast boat. It took 2 hours to find the fish. They were all in the lily pads. I found them by accident when I got blown into some weeds and the fish finder went crazy. So i trolled through and casted into several weedbeds and ended up with 4 in the next hour before giving up the fight with the wind. Biggest fish was a beautiful silver 2 lbs. A black and silver Doc Spratley and Brian Chan’s red-eyed leech brought them to me yesterday. Nothing hatching and found zooplankton with the throat pump. When I cleaned the biggest fish for supper the stomach was completely empty. Weird. 2 weeks ago on Boss lake the fish were stuffed with little green chironomids. I guess it is all about timing and the hatch.

    • BCFlyguys says:

      Thanks for the report LL! I know what you mean about it being weird when their stomachs are empty this time of year. Today I did some reccy on a new lake (well one that I hadn’t fished for a few years) and struggled to get into them with any consistency. Of the few I sampled most were completely empty despite a few little limeys hatching and lots of feed in the lake. The last fish I sampled did have a few hyalella shrimp in it … I don’t know what’s worse lol, empty or these little bastards! πŸ˜‰

  8. bcflyfisher86 says:

    Fished bose behind the Trojan pond today.. did well using leeches and damsels but no chronies hatching or in the throat samples. Hope the next few hot days get em goin!

    • deesee says:

      Sweet though! Looks like they are nice and fat in there. How is the road getting into Bose?

      • bcflyfisher86 says:

        Yes there are a few chubby pennask in bose. It’s the same as I’ve known it for 3 years .. going in from the look out has potholes but really isn’t bad for a suv or truck.. fished gump yesterday.. caught alot but they are very skinny. Largest 25 inches not sure if it even weighed 4lb.. could only pump a few damsels no hatches going on.

        • airbc says:

          86 I found the same thing last year at Gump long and lean.. Almost sick looking, like some kind of virus! Was hopping that this condition had corrected it self over the last year but that’s apparently not the case…

  9. Chaluga says:

    Bluff Lake in Chilcotin. Caught a nice 3lb. What a view from the boat launch.

  10. wayne says:

    Fished Monte lake Sunday fantastic Kokanee fishing right now two of us limited out in 25 minutes. Good size and fat.

    • trouthunta says:

      Drove by there on sunday looked like a gongshow must have been 50, 60 boats out there.

      • Chaluga says:

        Don’t know how people do that. I’d rather go to another lake and catch less. Luv the serenity.

  11. fishin nutt says:

    Gentlemen,heading up to Roche this week with my old lady to try and get her into some fish.any word on water temps and how the fishing is up there right now?
    We will be fly fishing.and I better bring my hockey helmet .wife will be learning how to cast.lol

    • lucarno says:

      fished it on saturday my depth sounder read 67 degrees. got a few on size 12&14 chromies. few more on a pumpkin head and the biggest on a conehead maroon micro leech. the water was hella murky. went in to ernest on sunday and fishin was slow the water was 70 in some spots on monday!

      • BCFlyguys says:

        Hey lucarno did you catch any fish or see any fish moving at Ernest?

        • lucarno says:

          Yup a few in the 3-4lb range each day but very slow. Fish were rising quite a bit 1st day but totally slowed down 2nd day. Some old timers who were leaving when I arrived had done better but they said it was off the hook 3 weeks ago. I think I left my black air Jordan’s up there if anybody finds em:)

  12. Steve P D says:

    Fished in Princeton this week and tried that gray crom. with red and black rib and it was unreal . Nothing else worked but that crom. Thanks to the guy that posted it couple weeks ago. 2 of us caught 30 fish in 3 hours. Nothing over 2 lbs. but it was small lake.

    • airbc says:

      Steve, looked through the posts for the “gray chromie with black and red rib” and couldn’t locate it, can you tell me the date of the post so I can find that dude? Sounds like something I want to look at! Thanks Air!

  13. Dawn says:

    Spent all of last week at Hatheume. Had a fairly good week, not many small fish, lots in the 2-3 lb range, and one about 5 lbs. Weather was a bit bizarre…no real rain to speak of, but temps were up and down. It snowed on the way in on Sunday, then was hella hot by Thursday. Wind was bad two days, made it tough to get out in the boat, got blown off the anchors. Water temp Sunday was 55, but had gone up 7 degrees by Sunday. We did catch some nice fish on chronies, though, and still being fairly inexperienced with them, was really great to catch a few nice ones on them. We never really did get “dialed in” but I don’t think many other people there did either. What worked great one day didn’t work so great the next, but we didn’t get skunked on any day while there. I have people I’d like to thank for that. First of all, Ed and his wife from Trout Waters in Kelowna, who gave me a lovely flashy green chronie that worked great, and Rob for giving me the encouragement and patience to keep trying. lol Flies that worked include black chronie with red rib and white bead in 12 and 14, the really flashy light green cronie with white bead from Ed, and a light olive with silver rib and white bead, bomber size. (Sorry Rob, the little limey just didn’t work! I really tried!!! lol) Also a small black leech with a red rib and gold bead in size 14, and my husbands favorite, a conehead black and maroon trolled around the shores. He also used a balanced black cactus chenille leech under an indicator near the lily pads in the evening with great success. Almost wanted to kick him out of the boat!!! So even though we didn’t catch the monster we were searching for, it was a great week.

  14. Chaluga says:

    I have tried to google this question but don’t see any good answers so I will ask it here since I respect the level of detail of posts.

    I understand what the fishing regs for lakes are but the why is sketchy. Some are single barbless,bait ban, or artificial fly only. Some lakes like Tunkwa are open to all.

    I get catching limits but the difference between single barbless and fly only rules is because ?

    I get bait ban when using just a small hook cuz fish swallow the hook. Using a wedding band you don’t have an issue with removing the hook.

    If you know of a good article that discusses this or you know the answer then please let me know.


    • Benny S says:

      Hey Chaluga,

      So you won’t find that kind of info on Google. Those restrictions form part of the freshwater fishery management scheme used in our province and I’d say it is somewhat unique to our province. Essentially, you are correct that the bait restrictions were put in place to minimize mortality on released fish. But when they got rid of bait, they didn’t want no bait to equate to fly-fishing only, as that would essentially discriminate against non-flyfishers. So at some lakes, they still allow people to troll hardware (gang-trolls), flatfish, Apexes, Rapalas, Dodger/hootchie combos, spinners, spoons etc., or to spin-cast spinners, spoons, etc, as long as you don’t have double or treble hooks (reducing fish mortality), and as long as you aren’t using bait (again, reducing fish mortality because fish tend to inhale baited hooks), you are pretty much free to use what you want.

      They regulate some lakes to artificial flies so as to further restrict the angler utilization and attempt to create a certain “experience” as per the management objectives of some of the lakes. Although you can troll flies and it is perfectly legal to do so, flyfishing traditionally meant anchoring and casting, and for the most part, the majority of flyfishing still happens under these conditions. I’d venture to say that for a flyfisher, going to a lake were most guys are anchored is generally preferred to having trollers weaving in and around all the stationary fly guys. Interestingly, I’d bet that trollers hate when stationary flyfishers clog up great trolling lanes, but even so, there are no such thing as “trolling-only” lakes!

      Hope this made some sense!

      • Chaluga says:

        Thanks for the info.

      • BCFlyguys says:

        I need to talk to the site owner to see if he can install a “like” button for answers like this! πŸ˜‰

        • Chaluga says:

          Why ?
          This site can go days without a post. A personal thanks means more to me then a like button.

          • BCFlyguys says:

            lol yes you are correct Chaluga, I was trying to be funny, while thanking Benny personally for his quick and informative reply.

          • Chaluga says:

            I often miss seeing the smiley faces ????
            One thing I would add is I wish regulations were more detailed and less punitive.

            For example I go to a lake that allows all types of fishing. I troll with lures with bait. I get a swallowed hook 1 in 1000 times ( vs about 1 in 2 with a simple hook with bait.) I catch and release all I catch. I catch the trout quickly and handle the trout properly.

            Then I go to other lakes which allow only artificial fly and I follow the rules and troll flies. I work around the still flyfishers. I just find still fly-fishing boring. At this point it’s not a big problem because there are so many lakes open to most styles.

            I guess my solution would be no bait fishing with just a small hook. Use a lure or fly with the bait. Believe it a fly with some bait actually works well. This way no swallowed hooks and fish can be released safely. At all lakes then more fish would survive. Willow leaf and wedding band with a worm works well. I modified it to a spinner with bait that works the same in getting the trout’s attention and hunger.

            Now my system isn’t as effective as a well matched hatch fly. But it works and I enjoy it with my son. I know we can’t make rules with a million exceptions. I get annoyed when I am at a artificial fly only lake and I am trolling flies and someone shouts at me ,only flies here. Then I see them overplay a fish and release them surely to die.

            I think gear is only a part in maintaining fish stocks. How u handle the fish, time to catch it, amount u catch in a day( do you stay all day to catch 50 fish) all come together.

            Even though I am not a flyfishing purist I learn a lot from this site and like to check in to it daily. I will try to pay closer attention to Smiley’s ????

          • Chaluga says:

            My Smiley’s show up as question marks…

          • BCFlyguys says:

            : + ) = πŸ™‚
            8 + – + ) = 😎
            ; + ) = πŸ˜‰

            just a few examples …….

  15. Mike Green says:

    Anybody been to or have any info on Tobe Lake off highway 24? Can’t find nothing online and would appreciate if anyone has anything. Thanks!

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