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About Christian

I’m 39, a teacher, a husband, and a dad to two wonderful little girls. In my meager spare time, I chase trout. In the winter, it’s Fraser Valley cutties close to home. The rest of the year, I make the short hop to the Merritt and Kamloops areas to hunt Pennasks, FVs, and Blackwaters. My preferred technique is whatever is working at the moment, but I generally alternate between ripping leeches on a fast sink line and staring at indicators.

Fishing Cutthroat Trout | Winter Strategies for Coastal Cutties

Fly Fishing Cutthroat Trout – Winter Strategies for Coastal Cutties – The icy winds of November and December mean an end to the stillwater fly fishing season in most of our province, but in here in the Fraser Valley they … Continue reading

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Major General ASB Chironomid Fly

Major General ASB Chironomid Fly Pattern “… it has military colours but a little too much bling for a simple enlisted man so I call it … the Major General ASB chironomid pupa fly! Like our stuff? Subscribe by Feed … Continue reading

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