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Baby Rainbow Fish Skull Streamers!

Baby Rainbow Fish Skull Streamers

Well I just got my shipment of Fish Skulls in the mail and I thought I'd share these little gems with all the tiers out there. As you may know tying heads on bait fish is  hit and miss with getting the proper all around shape. With these little beauties problems solved. I don't know if you have seen them before but they were the 2010 fly tying  product of the year!

Here's how we use them to tie realistic bait fish patterns for Bull, Laker and Rainbow trout!

Fish Skull Bait Fish Fly Heads

The fish skulls come in  three sizes and seven colours - Silver, Blue, Tan, Golden Chartreuse, Dark Grey, Coppertone and Pinky Purple Pearl.

You can see that they will cover a large variety of hook sizes. The small size is for hooks sized #4--#10, the medium for hooks #4--#1/0 and the large are for hooks #1/0--#4/0.

The skulls are made to slide over the hook eye once the material is tied on. They are fish head shaped with gill plates & indented eye sockets. Each package comes with 3D eyes that glue into the recesses & give the head a realistic look.

The manufacturer claims that they will hold up really well in salt water too. They are actually not that heavy which will make casting a little less hazardous but for my use I need to get the fly down so I  will show this tie with the hooks wrapped with weight. Simply omit the weight if you don't need it.

Materials Required to Tie the Baby Rainbow

Hook: Mustad #2 36890 Salmon Hook
Thread: 6/0 uni-thread iron grey
Underbody: Lead wraps

Body:  Pearl mylar piping
Sides: Lateral scale
Underwing: Blue pearl flashabou
Overwing:  Olive marabou
Head: Silver medium fish skull

Step by Step Tying Instructions

Start with a thread base then wrap on the desired weight.

....... Tie in mylar body.

Tie two lateral scale on each side and add flashabou underwing

....... Add marabou wing then whip finish.

Add some glue to the thread head & slide fishskull over the eye. Tie your thread back on in front of the fishskull and build up the thread to push back and lock the skull. Whip finish ... done deal!

Mix & match to create your own unique bait fish patterns!

And there you have it! I'm going to crank out  a bunch these this winter as I wait the next four months to get them in front of some Bulls, Lakers and Rainbows!

Gord  (flyguys North)

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