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Best Fly Fishing Boats for BC Interior Stilwaters

Best Fly Fishing Boats - Springbok Punt

Best Fly Fishing Boats
BC Interior Stillwater Boat Options

British Columbia is a beautiful spot for fly fishing with plenty of rivers, lakes and ponds to take advantage of. As far as stillwater fly fishing for the infamous Kamloops Rainbow trout goes, few would argue against it being best in the world!   However, in order to have the greatest access to fishing sites, as well as a place to store all of your fly fishing equipment when your there, and the ability to safely and securely navigate your chosen waters, you obviously need a fishing boat. Here’s some information on the top types of crafts found on the productive fly fishing waters of our province …

Best Fly Fishing Boats | Flat Bottom Fly Fishing Punt …

Best Fly Fishing Boats - the punt is a BC Interior still water favourite!

Flat Bottom Fly Fishing Punt

The Flat-bottomed “punt” style jon boat is among the most common type of boat found on the fly fishing waters of British Columbia. These boats are fairly inexpensive, easy to maintain and quite easy to upgrade with additional bells and whistles. They are usually found between 8 and 12 feet in length and, due to their flat bottom, offer superior stability when standing to cast. This same feature, however, does not make them the best choice for rough and moving water. Regardless, the flat bottom jon is the favourite of still water fly fishing aficionados across beautiful British Columbia!

Journey All Welded Flat Bottom Jon Boat 96 Fly Fishing Punt

The Journey Jon Boat – A Fantastic Stillwater Fly Fishing Punt!

For an example of a high quality all welded aluminium flat bottom fly fishing punt, made in BC Canada for the trophy trout stillwaters of the beautiful British Columbia Interior, look no further than the Journey Jon Boat!

Best Fly Fishing Boats | V Bottom …

Best Fly Fishing Boats ... the ever popular V style boat!

“V” Style Fly Fishing Boat

V bottom boats, on the other hand, are a better choice if you intend to tackle larger or rougher water bodies and where you may need to “run” longer distances under power. Although a bit less stable when standing to cast, this style tracks much better through the water – especially in the wind and chop. Due to their supply, these boats are relatively inexpensive and easy to find. And like the jon boats, they are easy to maintain and quite easy to fit with aftermarket upgrades. The V style boat in sizes 10 – 16 feet is by far the most abundant and popular fly fishing craft found on the lakes and rivers of the BC interior.

Best Fly Fishing Boats | Pontoons …

Best Fly Fishing Boats ... fly fishing beautiful British Columbia from a pontoon boat!

Pontoon Fly Fishing Boat

Pontoon boats are also excellent fly fishing boats! For fly fishing applications these boats are typically not more than 10 feet long and consist of two pontoons sitting on the water on either side of the angler. The pontoons can either be inflatable or solid air bladders. The pontoon hulls are shaped in a V hull pattern, greatly minimizing water resistance and therefore allowing for excellent maneuverability. The pontoons are connected by a frame, which also contains the sitting area for the angler and gear. The frame frequently provides a mounting point for small electric motors and anchors. Pontoon boats are relatively new to the fly fishing scene but have quickly become a popular fly fishing craft due to its maneuverability, durability, versatility and portability. They are a great compromise fitting in between a small fishing craft and a belly/tube boat.

Best Fly Fishing Boats | Belly (Tube) Boats …

Best Fly Fishing Boats ... fish on from a belly boat tube boat!

Belly / Tube Fly Fishing Boat

Belly/Tube Boats are minimal in size but huge in portability. Their small size (especially when deflated) allows users to access the remotest of our BC Interior still water lakes. They will fit in any vehicle or, for those hike in only lakes, can be easily carried in a back pack. As the name implies, belly boats are air filled tubes with a harness to sit on. A second air bladder is typically used as a safety and propulsion is accomplished through kicking with finned feet. Unlike pontoon boats, there is usually no place to mount a motor so they are limited to smaller bodies of water. On the other hand, if accessing smaller remote fisheries with very little expense is your thing, then you really can’t beat a belly boat!

If you are thinking of purchasing a fly fishing boat hopefully this article has helped you decide on the type that would best fit your needs! Whichever you choose, practice safe boating techniques, have fun and tight lines! 😀

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