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Fly Fishing the Amazon | A Fly Fishing Products Review

Fly Fishing Products Review for Amazon for Small Fishing Gear

Amazon Fly Fishing Products Review
A Fly Fisherman & an Amazon Gift Card

*ย  be sure to check out even more cool products on our Recommended Amazon Fly Fishing & Related products page! ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’m sure that everyone reading this at one time or another has been, or knows someone that has been, in possession of an Amazon Gift Card.

They are typically received as gifts and therefore typically of amounts not more than $100.00 or so. As a fly fisherman this creates a bit of a dilemma as any experienced fly fisher knows that successful fly fishing is dependent on expensive fly fishing gear! ๐Ÿ˜‰ So what’s a fly fisherman to do? Well, what I did was spend WAY too much time surfing Amazon for useful fly fishing products that I might be interested in. So in an attempt to save anyone that finds themselves in the same position from the PITA factor, I thought it might be a good idea to list my findings here with an Amazon small gear fly fishing products review. ๐Ÿ™‚

Full Disclosure: The following listed fly fishing products will take you to Amazon.ca through the flyguys.net affiliate link; which means that if you purchase the product we will earn a small referral fee.ย  The price is the same on your end regardless of how you get there, the fee comes to us directly from Amazon not the purchaser. The listed products are also products that we actually thought interesting and/or useful, some of which we purchased with our gift card. Having said that we have not had the chance to review them all.

Fly Fishing Products Review | Slim Line Fly Box

I’ll start by saying that I purchased this product (actually a few of them). Why? Because I already own a few and have found them to be the perfect size for my chironomid pupae flies! Not only are they slim, taking up half the space of my old Dragonfly boxes of the same length and width dimensions, but they also come with the “easy grip” foam system which keep my cronies organized! This foam grip system means that you don’t have to stab your flies into the foam to hold them in place, which also means that the foam does not deteriorate beyond use over time like the old flat “stab” foam systems.ย  Additionally, the clear housing means that I can see my cronies without having to open the box. This is another valuable feature for me as I like to keep my chironomid pupae flies separated/organized by pattern class … so the clear housing easily allows me to distinguish my Kromie chironomid box from my Zucchini chironomid box with just a quick glance! And they are cheap!

Not much more to say about this one.Given the many positive features and low price point I’ve got to give it a 5/5!

Another seller for comparison … Another Clear Slim Line Easy Grip Fly Box.

Fly Fishing Products Review | 2 Sided Waterproof Fly Box

I did not purchase this product but I have had one before. I have nothing negative to say about it, it is just is a bit bulky for my system. I offer it up as an option to the fly boxes (above) that I do use as an alternative for fly fishermen wanting a bit more durability in their fly storage systems. Like the fly box above this particular products clear housing allows for quick fly identification without having to open the box. It also comes with the same “easy grip” foam inserts. Unlike the fly box above this one has the added advantage of being water proof … it actually has silica gel gaskets that work!

No name brand, waterproof, easy grip foam, clear housing , durable, holds 192 flies and a good price point … 5/5 if it fits your carry system.

If you’re looking for something of similar design but smaller, here’s a fly box by Maximum Catchย  and a generic brand fly box which both hold half the amount (96 flies).

And just so you can’t say I didn’t cover everything, here’s another one by Amurleopard that sits right in the middle at 126 fly capacity … 126 Fly Capacity Waterproof Fly Box ๐Ÿ™‚

Fly Fishing Products Review | Wooden Fly Box

I have not reviewed this product but feel after presenting a few plastic boxes would be remiss not commenting on at least one “classic” style wooden fly box.

This one says “waterproof” in the title but I highly doubt it is. The lid stays shut with magnets (which I think it good), and from my count looks like it holds 156 flies.

Although it does not use my current favourite “easy grip” foam style, a similar grip type design looks like it would work just as well. I think more important than the grip style is just the simple fact that it grips instead of forces you to stab your flies into the foam.

I did consider purchasing this fly box simply out of nostalgia for that classic look/feel but in the end went with the utility of the clear slim line versions shown above. But if you lean more towards the classic style I’d certainly give this one a shot.

Fly Fishing Products Review | Scientific Anglers Vest Pack
(Retractor, Nipper, Forceps, Leader Straightener)

This one interested me because 1) Scientific Angler is a decent and well known brand, 2) all the products contained within the kit are fishing products that I do or would use, and 3) it is reasonably priced.

Breaking each product down in order of importants (to me) goes something like this …

In my opinion Forceps should be classified as mandatory fly fishing equipment! If you’re guessing where your bottom is, or satisfied using your fish finders readout, well, I’m not going to argue with you but you are not optimizing your catch rate. Whether you get them here or not, get them, actually get two (long story but I’m sure every forceps user knows what I’m talking about) and use them, and catch more fish!

If you have everything else or would prefer to just purchase forceps you can find a 5″ curved forcep here.

Nippers are only second in my order of fly fishing equipment importants because, worse case scenario, I can use my teeth. This is a piece of equipment that I use every single time I go fishing. These ones have the added benefit of including the eye cleaner … a tool you will appreciate when you’re down to your last “hot” fly and the eye is gummed up with head cement! As with the Forceps I highly recommend always having one, and perhaps a back up, with you!

If you have everything else, or are just interested in the nippers, check out this solo Nipper by M&M or this Nipper by 3M.

As a bit of a side note this is probably the best place to talk combo Nippers/Nail Knot/Hook Eye Cleaning tools …

I have not been able to find one of these combo tools in a vest kit but if you already have, or do not need, everything else then hit the ad to the right and check out the Super Fly Stainless Steel Nippers with Built in Hook Eye Cleaner AND Nail Knot Tying Tool. If you want to saty under $10 this is the combo nipper/knotter/eye cleaner tool for you!

Andux (see ad left) makes a combo version as well ( Andux Stainless Steel Nippers with Built in Hook Ey Cleaner & Nail Knot Tool ) which is a bit more expensive but it’s also a bit longer which equates to better leverage. As an added bonus, at the time I checked it also included free shipping. I have owned and used this tool and it worked well. If the longer length is important to you spend the extra couple bucks and pick this one up.

And last but definitely not least, coming in at the highest but still quite reasonable price, is the Deluxe Combo Fishing Tool by M&M (see ad to the right) which includes it all … Line Nipper, Hook Sharpener, Nail Knot Tool, Eye Cleaner & Lanyard Loop!

The Deluxe Combo Fishing Tool by M&M, although the most expensive of the bunch, is my preference and the one I would recommend. Yes it’s a bit more money but it has all the features, and let’s face it we’re only talking more money by a few bucks, so there’s really no reason to not go with this design and get all the added benefits.ย  The lanyard loop alone, which I haven’t been able to find in any other brand, makes it worth the extra money as attaching it to your retractorย  or a lanyard will make it less likely to be lost!

OK enough of all that, and now back to our regular scheduled programing … ๐Ÿ˜‰

The Leader Straightener is probably the most under rated tool in this kit. Like the forceps and the nipper I use my Leader Straightener every time I fish.ย  Like the guy that doesn’t actually measure the bottom, I constantly see guys that don’t straighten their leaders puzzled as to why they can’t hook up when everyone around them is catching fish. This is only ranked third because you can accomplish almost the same thing with a good hand stretch, but I’d much rather use a Straightener.

The Retractor is the only tool in the kit that I don’t use but should. So many times I’m searching for where I last put my nippers that it only makes sense that I should hang them safe and sound, and out of the way, off of a retractor.

If you have everything else and therefore only need a retractor, checkout these two retractors for under $7 here!

Overall ranking of the Scientific Anglers Vest Pack … 4.5/5 (only because the nippers don’t have a built in knot tool).

Fly Fishing Products Review | Scientific Angler Knot Tyer

And speaking of knot tools … here’s a neat little knot helper from Scientific Angler. One piece stainless steel, non reflective finish, and best of all the ability to tie nail knots on demand when needed!

Or, if $8ish is too rich for your blood, check out this generic brand knot tyer.

The included loop will let you attach it to your retractor (see above ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) or attach a lanyard to it. I use mine often and highly recommended having one with you on the water.

Either way you go (this 3M one or the generic brand version) these handy little tools are pretty much must have fly fishing equipment. I rank them 4.5/5 … again only because it’s not built into a nipper.

Fly Fishing Products Review | Berkley Fishing Multi Tool

I’m not a mutlti tool guy but I can’t count the times (meaning there have been a lot of them) that I wish I had one with me! If you are a multi tool guy then you probably already have a multi tool much more robust than this one. For me, as I would not be carrying it with me on an everyday basis, this product would work well as a “leave it in my tackle box” multi tool. The Berkley name is also a plus as is the reasonable price point.

If you can’t see it well in the picture tools include: Corrosion resistant stainless steel Spring loaded handle for easy one hand use. Includes regular pliers, needle nose pliers, crimper, wire cutters, hook file with v-groove, jig-eye cleaner, crankbait tuner, 2 in ruler, scissors, fish scaler, and a phillips head screwdriver.

With everything that you can do with a tool like this it’s hard to recommend having one with you for those times when you will be wishing you had it.

Fly Fishing Products Review | Neoprene Fly Reel Cover

Neoprene, light weight, durable, loop tape fastener, functional and protective with the reel both on or off the rod.

Most reels today come with their own covers but if yours didn’t, or it did and you lost it (that never happens!)ย  then this is really a must to protect your fly reels.

And even if your reels did come with their own protective pouches, at thisย  price point you really can’t justify not having a few lying around just in case!

Fly Fishing Products Review | Waterproof Cell Phone Case

OK as much as we all like the peace & quiet that fly fishing brings how many of us can say that we actually don’t bring our cell phones with us? I would venture to say none of us! Even on those bodies of water that put you out of cell range my cell phone still accompanies me … even if it’s just for pictures.

Made from durable PVC this particular brand fits most I, Galaxy & LG phones and allows for phone operation while your phone remains protected!

The only caveat I will add with this product is to please follow the instructions and test the cases for waterproofness BEFORE trusting your phone in them. I purchased a pack and they all tested fine. With the price of phones these days, $22ish for a 4 pack of waterproof protection is well worth the money! That’s only $5ish per case!

Cheap, simple protection gets this product a 5/5.

And on the subject of cell phone cases, the following is not a waterproof case but none the less an interesting “fly fishing” related Fly Rod & Reel Case that I came across in my search and thought some might be interested in as well.

Fly Fishing Products Review | Knot/Leader/Tippet Book

This is a handy pocket guide to leaders, knots, tippets and much more. Like the multi tool, this is one fishing product that I don’t carry but could have used on many an occasion.

One of the most interesting sections of this book, besides the numerous knot instructions, is the section on how to build your own tapered leader. Kind of a lost art now that tapered leaders are so readily available almost everywhere; but if you ever tangle one up when the fishing’s hot and don’t have a spare you’ll be wishing you knew how to build your own!

Is it mandatory … no. But if you’ve got $15ish left on your gift card it’s not a bad idea to throw this little book in your fishing bag.

So there you have it folks, give a fly fisher an Amazon gift card and this is what happens. I hope you find the list useful, or at least it saves you time searching for the little things that can sometimes make big differences when you’re on the water. ๐Ÿ™‚

*ย  be sure to check out even more cool products on our Recommended Amazon Fly Fishing & Related products page! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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