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A Roche Lake Resort BC Fishing Vacation

Roche Lake Resort BC Fishing Vacation - luxury chalets, fine dining & BIG Kamloops rainbow trout!

A Roche Lake Resort BC Fishing Vacation | World Class Fishing & Accommodations

“… Roche is definitely one of my favourite lakes to fish. It has all the ingredients for producing big fish, ample shoals, nice drop-offs and deep-water for those special chironomid hatches. The water is nutrient rich so aquatic invertebrate life is abundant and diverse. While the fishing can be technical and frustrating at times, the rewards keep bringing me back!!” | Brian Chan; Biologist, Guide & BC Fishing Guru!

“… Large fish in crystal clear water!” | Don Freschi; Sport Fishing on the Fly!

A Roche Lake Resort BC Fishing Vacation

Roche Lake Resort BC Fishing Vacation - Outdoor Canada Top 40 Fishing Lakes

Roche Lake Kamloops BC | A Canadian Fishing Hot Spot!

Roche lake is listed in the top 10 provincial rainbow trout fisheries. It is world famous for its extra large Kamloops Rainbow trout which, because of their abundance and size , resulted in the lake being chosen as a venue for the 1993 World Fly Fishing Championships!

Most recently, Kamloops British Columbia’s very own Roche lake was recognized by Outdoor Canada Magazine as one of the best fishing lakes in the entire country! A recognition that Roche lake, and the Roche lake resort, are certainly worthy of.

Roche Lake Resort BC Fishing Vacation | Location …

Roche Lake is located at 3723 ft. on the Thompson Plateau just 35 kilometers southeast of Kamloops, the still water trout fly fishing meca of beautiful British Columbia! Roche is the hub of the Roche Lake Provincial Park and is surrounded by many small wilderness lakes perfect for fly fishing; specifically Horseshoe Lake, Rose Lake, Tulip Lake, Black Lake, Bog Lake, Ernest Lake, Indian Lake, John Frank Lake, Frisken Lake, and Bulman Lake.

Roche is the largest lake in the group at 134ha. More information on the park can be found here.

Roche Lake Resort BC Fishing Vacation | Fishing Info …

Roche is stocked with approximately 22,000 Rainbow trout per year, about 7500 of those being AF3N Pennasks … the very aggressive, hard fighting trout strain famous for their incredible strength and jumping ability! It’s not uncommon for these spunky bows to run you four or five times while displaying impressive aerial  acrobatics in the process! And if that’s not enough, Roche lake can, and routinely does, produce trophy fish in the 10 pound plus class! 😯

Roche lake winter killed, for the first time in recorded history, in the winter of 2014. To minimize the time to re-establish fish densities similar to those existing before the kill event, local fisheries managers had the BC Freshwater Fisheries Society stock an additional component of fish, including 2000 “catchable” Fraser Valley strain 3N (triploid) rainbow trout. Winter kill is a tricky subject because, as devastating as it can be at the time, there is typically a silver lining with respect to expedited fish growth for remaining and newly stocked fish. For the purposes of this article it suffices to say that the fish populations in Roche lake is doing very well. For a detailed account on the 2014 kill and it’s correlation to fish size please check our article on Roche Lake Winter Kill & Trophy Trout.  😉

Roche Lake Resort BC Fishing Vacation ... A beauty Kamloops Rainbow TroutRoche lake is a fisherman’s dream!  Nutrient rich water ensures an abundance of insect life (fish food), while diverse and abundant structure, such as it’s many prolific shoals, drop offs, deep-water holes and marl bottoms, allow its residence to thrive …  and happy bugs mean healthy fish!

The south end of the lake is electric motor only and consists of a shallow uniform marl shoal which is particularly productive in the early spring & late fall. At times fishing can be tough and frustrating but the rewards make it well worth the work!

Trollers do well with gang trolls such as Ford Fenders, Sun Flashers, Willow Leafs, Wedding Rings and Flat Fish. For the fly fishermen and women, the lake produces spectacular hatches of chironomid, mayfly and caddis! Leeches, dragonfly & damsels are also prevalent and can make for spectacular fly fishing year round!

Roche Lake Resort BC Fishing Vacation | The Lodge …

On Roche lake’s north east shore resides the Roche Lake Resort.

Roche Lake Resort BC Fishing Vacation ... everything you need for a made in BC fishing vacation!

Roche Lake Resort BC Fishing Vacation ... a bird watchers paradise!The Roche lake Resort  offers luxurious chalet cabins, a gourmet restaurant (the Roche Lake Resort Steak & Trout House and bar), RV and tent campsites, a boat launch, boat, motor & rod rentals, a swimming pool with hot tub, a convenience store (selling necessities, bait, flies/tackle and more), a playground for the kids and, best of all, knowledgeable, helpful and friendly  staff with lots of experience and advice on how to catch those big Kamloops Rainbow trout!  If  you would like to check out what’s happening in the area before you head out, they also host and maintain the Roche Lake Resort web page for your convenience!

Roche Lake Resort BC Fishing Vacation ... wild flowers abound!For most, a stay at the Roche lake resort equates to spectacular fishing but the park also offers year round recreation in the areas of camping, hunting, hiking, biking, horseback riding, ATV trails,  cross-country skiing & snowmobiling. And, in addition to the famous Kamloops Rainbow trout residing in Roche lake, the area is also home to a wide and diverse range of wildlife including Moose, Mule Deer, White-Tailed Deer and many birds such as the Canada Goose, the Mallard, The Common Snipe, the Vesper Sparrow and the Mountain bluebird – a real treat for photographers, birdwatchers and painters alike! Even a simple moonlight walk under the very bright evening stars is an experience not soon forgotten – the area literally offers something everyone!

Roche Lake Resort BC Fishing Vacation | How to get there …

Roche Lake Resort BC Fishing Vacation ... fish on!Access to Roche lake is via 11 km’s on a maintained gravel road running south off of Hwy 5A, through the Roche lake provincial park, and terminating at the Roche Lake Resort. The Roche Lake West provincial campground is accessed via the Horseshoe Lake turnoff just before Rose and Tulip Lake. This road can be quite rough but at present is relatively well maintained so access is good.

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So there you have it … if you’re looking for a fishing vacation at a top notch BC interior fishery, close to nature and with the option to partake in a variety of outdoor activities, look no further than a Roche Lake Resort BC Fishing Vacation! Comfortable accommodations, BIG BC Interior Kamloops Rainbow trout, beautiful scenery and surroundings, and a myriad of activities to keep you busy while you’re there! This is truly a first class operation that we highly recommend for a fishing vacation experience of a life time – beautiful British Columbia style!

* For more information or to reserve your holiday today email info@rochelake.com, telephone at 250-828-2007, or visit the website!

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4 Responses to A Roche Lake Resort BC Fishing Vacation

  1. Joe says:

    My wife and I took advantage of the Roche lake Resort “Mid-Week Special” last year through a contest we won on flyguys.net. Wow – what a special three days and two nights it was!

    We were on the lake in mid-September and the fishing was just picking up after a long, hot summer that ran into the first ten days of that month. Fish up to four pounds were being caught while we were there, and we know much larger Rainbows get taken every year.

    Neal and his staff have worked very hard to have the grounds and chalets in excellent condition, and the real gem of the resort is its outstanding restaurant. The quality of the meals we had while we were at Roche Lake Resort was second to none, and the staff was excellent. A MUST to experience!

    Our chalet had all the necessities of home. It had a full kitchen, full bathroom, a beautiful gas fireplace, and a wrap-around sundeck. The space was more than enough for socializing, and the walk to the lake took under two minutes.

    Waiting for us at the dock was the 12 foot aluminum boat that was included in our mid-week special. The boat included a four horse power Mercury outboard that ran like a top, a set of oars, a full boating safety kit with life jackets, and an anchor. We brought our own fishing gear and were set.

    Although we did not take advantage of it this fall we look forward to the in-ground pool when we are at the resort again!

    The final part of our experience at Roche Lake Resort that I would like to mention was our front desk host Beth. Beth greeted us on day one and was available constantly to answer all of our questions and point us in the right direction. On top of her duties as the front desk staff to handle all guests, Beth sat us down for every meal at the restaurant and was tireless in her efforts to make our stay awesome. Beth was a real popular staff member with all of the guests we spoke to, and she handled all questions and situations with her constant laugh and energy. Beth was a huge part of the atmosphere of the resort while we were there, and it was undeniable how much she loved her job. Thanks very much Beth!

    Thanks again to Neal and his staff for a fantastic BC Interior fishing resort experience. We will definitely be back to enjoy it again and will not hesitate to recommend it to all our family and friends!

    • FacebookUser says:

      WOW Joe! We’re so glad you enjoyed your stay and thank you for taking the time to post such a wonderful and informative letter. Hope to see you up here again soon!!
      Roche Lake Resort

  2. Evan says:

    Last year, My wife, daughter and I had the opportunity to drop what we were doing and get out to enjoy a little family vacation at Roche Lake Resort , for a 3 day and 2 night’s “Mid-Week Special”. This was our first time staying at the resort in one of the Chalets, and we were not disappointed.
    We decided to go in October, late in the fishing season when the Roche Lake Trophy Trout would be on a feeding frenzy trying to pack on the pounds before ice-over and when many of the large crowds disperse due to the oncoming colder weather. While everything was most-excellent, just as I had anticipated and just as Joe explains above(I couldn’t agree more), the best part of our stay was the staff, especially one in particular that really went out of her way whose name we wish we could remember. 
    Unexpectedly, my daughter got quite sick for about a 24 hour period and the way the staff was with her was just awesome and going out of their way to make a little “care package” for my child was really something special. I couldn’t thank them enough. Aside from a little mishap with the kid getting sick. We still managed to enjoy some fine dining(fantastic food), and after my kid gained a little color back we finally got to spend some real time on the water as a family and hook into some beauty Roche Lake Pennask Rainbow Trout that are known for their hard fighting and amazing aerial acrobatic characteristics.
    While no Trophy Bows were caught by us this trip around, we know they are in there, this I know, and I did however managed to have one snap me off on this particular trip. I was fishing in close to shore in very shallow water, nothing was hatching so I was trying some more attractor type patterns. I remember telling my daughter to pick the fly that was gonna get me my big fish. She picked an ugly red leech I tied. One that was kind of tucked away that I probably would have never chosen for myself. I tried talking her into a different choice but she had it in her mind that was the one. So grudgingly I tied it on and decided to make a couple casts to make her happy before changing it out to something else…I threw it out, started to strip it in nice and slow and SPLASH! ZIIIIIIIIINNNNNGGG! my reel was screaming! The fish smashed my ugly red leech and I knew this was it! I was battling a Roche Lake Trophy Bow! My heart starts racing and sure enough the excitement got the best of me, a few false moves later, SNAP! He was gone and so was my only ugly red leech.
    I went home thinking only of what I did wrong causing me to lose it, and the biggest question, how much it could have actually weighed? I will never know (I’m guessing 10+). What I do know: is I learn from my mistakes and experiences and I wont be letting the same mistake happen again. I will also have many of my Ugly Red Leech’s tied in case another Roche Lake Monster is prone to smash one upon my return. I look forward to coming back and staying at a Chalet again, next time I think I’ll try one in the summer.
    All in All, a World Class Fishery at a World Class Fishing Resort. Great People, Awesome Accommodations, Excellent Food, Kamloops Trophy Trout all away from the city where you can get away from everything and just enjoy the Outdoors. Thanks Roche Lake Resort! Thanks Flyguys! And Thanks Surplus Herby’s for making it happen! We will be back! For anyone interested, I’ll post a pic I took of a re-creation of my U.R.L: Ugly Red Leech that I tied upon my return home (though, I don’t think the ones I re-created from memory are nearly Ugly enough!) Maybe a new go-to pattern for Roche?
    Tightlines Everyone!

    Oh and in case you’ve never seen it…Here’s something to get you primed for May 1st when the Resort Opens!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8MAd5G-lXqU

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