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Wine, Women & Fraser River Salmon Fishing!

July 31, 2010:

Hello all,

Well, Julia and I had a great weekend on the Fraser River.  We got there Saturday evening and had heard that the fishing was decent, especially the sockeye (too bad they are not open).  We set up camp and then threw a few casts.  Within 2 casts, I landed a beautiful chrome soc.  About 4 casts later, I set the hook and some big head shakes occurred.  We jumped in the boat, sharing the fight and ended up boating this…

Hoe Lee Cow!

The next morning there was an opening for native gill drift netting and they were netting 15ft from shore.  They were getting approx. 90 sockeye per drift.  So the fishing was a bit slower.  Only 2 springs were taken all day on the bar we were on, and one of them looked like this…..

Another Beauty Spring!

Aldo B. joined us and there was a lot of catch and release of these……

Aldo's Chromer Sockeye!

Sunday evening we were having a nice halibut dinner and enjoying a bottle of wine, when the bell on my bar rig rod started to go crazy.  So I ran down to it and set the hook.  Wow, I hooked a huge fish!! Julia and I took turns reeling it in and then watching it pull it all back out.  I couldn’t wait to see the size of it!!! Here it is……

my first sturgeon ... caught on a pink spin-and-glo!!!

Well that’s all everyone … not to shabby for our first river trip of the year!


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One Response to Wine, Women & Fraser River Salmon Fishing!

  1. Rob says:

    Awesome story Carey! That first spring is HUGE! And congrats on your first sturgeon … that’s a story you’ll never forget!

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