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More Fun on the Peace!

... ahhh, the peace river in the fall!

Ready to Fish! (Peace River BC Canada – September 2012)

… Dark night of my soul pierced by the light of a fish tug …  😐 … where did that come from?!? Maybe I do need a day off! And so it was I had Wednesday off for my second and last day off for Sept. These graveyards are starting to get to me and I figured a day on the water would be the cure!

... bully on the Peace river!It’s been as warm as any summer day this week with temps 15 degrees above normal. I headed home after work and crawled right into bed hoping to get some good sleep in. Well it turned into three and half hours of tossing and turning before getting up, hooking onto the boat and hitting the road in under twenty minutes. One day off there’s no room for messin’ around!

I got to the launch on the Halfway River and was a little surprised to see 7 trucks with boat trailers already there. As I didn’t see or hear a boat all day my guess was they were hunters that had headed up the Halfway … I’m not a hunter but I’m guessing it’s got to be tough getting your meat back in good condition with temps like this … but enough about hunting I was going fishing.

... a nice little Peace river bow!I headed out in the Peace and hit a bunch of holes nailing fish in all of them. There were no big fish this day but I had a smile on my face all day catching lots of fish. I managed to get the “Rocky Mountain Grand Slam” which is a Grayling, Whitefish, Rainbow and Bulltrout. The Grayling was on the second drift of my first hole using a Green Rockworm  under and indicator as I wasn’t quite prepared I shook him off underwater and went and got my camera.

The first three hours, as there were no fish rising, was spent drifting Rockworms, Stoneflies and Cased Caddis under an indicator. The fish started rising and appeared to be taking spent Mayfly spinners so I switched to a size 14 spinner and finished the day up on top  periodically swinging a big Double Bunny on a sink tip. The three small bulls all hit the Bunny which was half as long as they were. Just goes to show how aggressive this species is.

... another Peace river bull trout!

It was an absolutely gorgeous day  on a clean green river with the hillsides in the background starting to turn yellow. I really am going to have to camp out on the river one of these times for as I was packing up to get in before dark the fish started rising like crazy. I’m sure with all that splashing going on that there are some monster Bulls circling the area and this would be a good time to nail one on the fly. Another time as I was fading fast and managed to get home, have a bite to eat before going comatose on the couch.

... nice fish ring!I drug myself to bed but was wide awake at 3:00AM. I finally got up at 5:00 and kind of sat around in a daze before going back to bed at 10:00. I’ll  be back in sync in a couple of days and start planning a lake fishing trip(or two) the first couple of weeks of Oct.  Steve, his son Mitch and a friend are heading up the Alaska Hyw. tomorrow  to a walk in lake and sadly (for me not them) I can’t go. I told Steve to take lots of pictures so hopefully we have a report from them next week. I know that lake has some real nice fish and I sure hope that they latch into a couple.

Well over and out from the dark side. I think my incisors are growing and I’m starting to not like garlic …must need more fishing!

Gord, FlyGuys Northern Division

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Fly fishing the great white north! I mainly fish the lakes, rivers and streams of North Eastern B.C. for Rainbows, Lakers, Brookies, Bulltrout and Grayling.
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  1. Rob says:

    Nice report Gord … thanks! can’t wait to hear how Steve makes out. Oh … and I’m hoping we get to hear more about that ring you’re wearing in the last picture too 😉

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