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Our 2011 Okanagan Fishing Season!

... it just doesn't get any better than this!

Another day, another Okanagan lake!

Hello guys and gals,

We (that’s me David and my buddy Chris) had a very steady and fun season fishing small lakes near and far from Kelowna.  We truly enjoy the beautiful nature and quietness of those small remote lakes (of course big rainbows are always a plus! 🙂 ).

... BC Interior fly fishing!

One of many of 2011's fly fished bows!

... wow!

... a whitetail deer on the shore of an Okanagan still water lake!

... the things you see when you're fishing!

... a moose walking the edge of an Okanagan still water lake!

... a turtle on the edge of another Okanagan still water lake!

... check out the gorgeous colours on this guy!

Our most productive patterns this year where a black size 10 marabou leech, size 12 cromee chironomid with white bead head cooper wrap and peacock herl thorax and a size 10 caddis fly pupa in olive green. We found that these 3 patterns were responsible for about 65% of fish hocked. The other 35% of the damage would go to dragon fly nymphs, damsel fly nymphs and shrimp in different sizes.

... a very effective BC interior still water Dragonfly nymph pattern!

... one of our favourite dragonfly nymph patterns!

Since it is time now to hang up the belly boat up in the garage for the winter, I thought it would be nice to share a few images from my season 2011 with all of you. So I put them all in slide show for you to enjoy!

So there you go that was my season and I’m hoping for repetition next year, until then tight lines to all of you out there!

Thanks ……. David

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9 Responses to Our 2011 Okanagan Fishing Season!

  1. Rob says:

    Great job David!!! Thanks for the report, pictures and video! Just what I needed to see on this cool wintery Kamloops day!

  2. Rob says:

    OH OH … looks like youtube just disabled your audio! 🙄 Oh well still cool pics but please do update us if/when you get it straightened out!

  3. Chris says:

    All right I made the cover picture:) fishing this year was awesome. Had lots of good times. Got out fished this year by Dave but spring will be here soon enough. I will work on the copy right laws for the music and let ya know when it’s back up.

    Tight lines….Chris

    • rob says:

      Hey Chris thanks for sharing your season with us! Looking forward to the updated video and hope to see more of your guys reports in the future! 🙂

      Tight lines & happy holidays to the both of you!

  4. ollie says:

    Way to have fun EH

    >>>>>>((( master

  5. Chris says:

    Video is back running with music. Hopefully it stays that way. Checked it this morning and was still good. Enjoy 🙂

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