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More Kamloops Lake Spooning

... nice fish Genna!

… Genna with a beauty Kamloops lake rainbow!

Well the weather worked out and the Kamloops area iced off lakes were still pretty limited so we packed up the family and headed back out to Kamloops lake for some more spin cast fishing for feisty Kamloops rainbow trout! The goal today was to get Genna into some fish … and at only seven years old she handled herself like a pro!
The video say’s it all!

The girls a natural!

Although there were some chironomid pupa hatching, today’s trip was all about the kids so we left the fly gear at home and stuck to the spinners & spoons. The big hitter today was a size 00 lime green spoon with a bit of lead above the swivel to help keep it down a bit deeper during the retrieve. The other thing we discovered was that the fish seemed to be cruising closer to shore today than normal with with short casts bringing more success than the long ones … sometimes it really pays to experiment. 😉

What a great day out with the family! Spring is definitely here … get out there and have some fun! 😀

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2 Responses to More Kamloops Lake Spooning

  1. Rob says:

    Way to go Genna!!! 😀

  2. Adam says:

    We have a cabin about in line with Tobiano resort, have been trolling that side of the lake for years, never anything as big as your girls fish! The other cabin owners call it “no fish lake”. Haha! Ive always found going near a big bluff or a cove worked best by just casting off into the rocks. A guy from the coast last year grabbed a 7lb laker using downriggers. I know this lake has huge fish in it just need to find the honey hole!

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