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Stump Lake Fishing Report – April 6, 2011

...very nice fish!

A beauty Stump lake Early Spring Bow!

Hey Rob thanks for the map and tips … me and a buddy decided to try stump lake!

We launched at the community boat launch with all the picnic tables at noon. It was really windy out so we headed straight across the lake to get free of the wind and fish a couple bays on the side opposite the highway. Tried green, purple, and black leeches with no luck. There were TONS of chironomid hatches so we tried our luck with that, but I guess we didn’t have the right match for the hatch. 😕

So with no bites thus far we headed to the Kamloops end of the lake to troll around the islands and the highway shoreline. The winds picked up and it took us 2 hours to get from the islands back to our boat launch, but on the way nailed a 3 pound rainbow with an orange Doc Spratley!! Success at last! Will definitely stock up on chirnomids and hit that lake again!

Thanks ……. Matt Cumming

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3 Responses to Stump Lake Fishing Report – April 6, 2011

  1. Rob says:

    Right on Matt sounds like you guys had fun! I’ve got you in for 5 entries to the fishing contest! Stop by before you’re next trip out and I’ll give you some chronies for Stump. 😉 Tight lines buddy!

  2. Matt says:

    Thanks robbie, i appreciate all the help. i was hoping to hit stump early tomorrow morning with a couple buddies. Could i drop by your place tonight and grab some chronies? 

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