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More Hoochie Mama Peace River Fishing Action!

September 23, 2010:

Well I hated to leave with my last post on such a negative note so I’ll tell you that my son Timbre and I went out to the Peace River last weekend and had a good day! The river was rising (came up three feet in 4 hours) and the fish were biting!

nice little piggy!

A nice Peace River bow!

We were using Hoochies and Spin’glos bottom bouncing. Timbre hooked the first fish and it was a real nice rainbow around three lbs but lost it as it jumped three times in a row by shore! We were both disappointed as you only see rainbows that size every now and then. Well we hooked 6 more and landed 4 all 2.2 -3.5 lbs never have I seen that many big rainbows on one trip!

Timbre with a beauty Peace River Rainbow!

These rainbows were so aggressive that on one cast Timbre lobed his double pencil weight and Hootchie out into the river and the moment it hit the surface a rainbow nailed the hoochie. It jumped four times in a row and spit the hook.

We kept one for supper and as I cleaned it I noticed the stomach was really extended. Thought I’d cut it open and see what she had been gorging on. Well to my surprise instead of beetles, stoneflies or caddis out plops a big black mouse! 😯



Well there you go, a good fishing story (except for the mouse part) to make up for that horrible trip I had with Murphy last time!

…….Gord (Flyguys Northern Division)

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About Gord

Fly fishing the great white north! I mainly fish the lakes, rivers and streams of North Eastern B.C. for Rainbows, Lakers, Brookies, Bulltrout and Grayling.
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3 Responses to More Hoochie Mama Peace River Fishing Action!

  1. David Reason says:

    Are there fishing lodges that we can stay at on the Peace River? Guides?


  2. Gord says:

    Hey Dave thought I’d get back to you and try to answer your questions. There are no lodges on the Peace River but plenty of Hotels in Fort St. John ,which is right along the Peace. The best fishing for Bulls, Lakers Rainbows and Grayling is between Fort St. John and the town of Hudson’s Hope. The Peace Canyon dam is just upstream from Hudson’s Hope and this gives you around 75Km of good fishable river. The snow is just about to fly up this way so you probably want to look at late spring to early fall(end of Sept.)for decent weather and fishing conditions. Surprisingly there are not a lot of guides around here so I’ll hook you up with a friend that can answer all your questions and hook you up with whatever you want. Rick Hopkins at http://www.customriveradventures.ca/about_us.htm/dontfollow. Good luck and I hope this helps. Gord.

  3. Rory says:

    Hey Gord!
    You said you were using hoochie’s on the peace? Also bottom bouncing? or just bar fishing with a spin and glow? I have used spoons to target rainbow and pike, but how do you use hoochie’s? thanks! Rory

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